Civic Affairs

North Creek still contaminated by April 12th sewage spill

According to Marci Chew, City of Mill Creek's Surface Water spokesperson, North Creek's fecal coliform levels are still above normal for this time of year due to the City of Everett's sewage spill on April 12th. "The fecal levels in the stream were going down but we want to make sure the counts are at our normal levels during this time of year," Chew said. "People should still not have contact with the creek water until the Snohomish Health District advises that it is okay."

Gathmann replaces Burns as City Manager

Tom Gathmann is Mill Creek's interim City Manager

At the April 24th City Council meeting, the Mill Creek City Council voted unanimously to pass a complex set of resolutions which results in the replacement of the current City Manager, Tim Burns, with the current Public Works Director, Tom Gathmann, as interim City Manager.

Burns has been given 30-days notice of his termination and is now on paid administrative leave per his contract.

Gathmann will serve as interim City Manager until the City Council can recruit and hire a new City Manager.

A number of city councilmembers made it clear that this decision was very difficult because Burns had performed well in administering City business in his four years as City Manager.

According to Mayor Mike Todd, Mill Creek needs not only good administration at the top, but also a higher level of leadership to implement the difficult goals of the recently adopted strategic plan.

Grand opening ceremony for the Mill Creek Food Bank

Mill Creek Food Bank is open for business

The grand opening ceremony for Mill Creek’s new food bank was held at Jackson High School on Thursday, April 19th. The food bank was open for business following the ceremony.

The new food bank initiative came from Jackson High School students after last year's very successful holiday food drive. The students took their food bank idea to Judi Montgomery, Jackson High School's Activities Director, who then sprang to action.

Montgomery brought together representatives from the Jackson High School student body, the Everett School District, the Rotary Club of Mill Creek, the Mill Creek Business Association, the City of Mill Creek, and the Volunteers of America Everett Food Bank to make the students’ idea a reality.

Update on Silver Lake sewer line break

It took 24 hours, but the City of Everett workers completed the 20-inch sewer line repair at about 7:00 AM this morning according to Marci Chew of the City of Mill Creek Surface Water Utility.

The City of Everett is warning people to avoid contact with North Creek south of Silver Lake. They have posted warning signs in some areas along the creek.

"The City of Everett will be conducting daily stream monitoring in North Creek behind Fish and Wildlife (in Mill Creek) for fecal coliform, dissolved Oxygen, and Ph," said Chew. "This monitoring will also be done this weekend and it will continue until the fecal coliform levels are safe in the stream."

 If anyone notices fish kills in North Creek, please contact Marci Chew at 425-745-1891, or email her at

Sewer line break spilling raw sewage into North Creek in Silver Lake neighborhood


A 20-inch iron sewer pipe broke near the 11800 block of Silver Way in Everett and is spilling raw sewage into North Creek. The break occurred about 6 a.m. on Thursday April 12. Crews are using heavy equipment to divert as much of the sewage flow as possible and are sandbagging in the area.

Mill Creek City Council approves strategic plan

the Mill Creek City Council approved the strategic plan

After more than a year’s work by consultants, Mill Creek City staff, and Mill Creek City councilmembers the Mill Creek City Council voted four to three to approve the strategic plan at the April 10th City Council meeting.

Mill Creek’s strategic planning process kicked off in April of 2011. The strategic planning process included three separate city council retreats, approximately 600 resident telephone surveys, a series of community outreach events, and a number of public meetings inviting public comments.

At the final public meeting held on April 3rd, a number of Mill Creek residents applauded the strategic planning effort. Larry Mayer expressed his thanks to City staff and said he could see that his input got into the final plan.

Some Mill Creek residents believe that the strategic plan is an excuse to increase taxes. At the April 3rd public meeting, Dennis Teschlog said, “I think this is a strategic tax plan.” He went on to say that he was concerned about the City’s growing deficit.

Washington State Secretary of Health announces whooping cough at epidemic levels

Whooping cough cases in Washington State

Secretary of Health Mary Selecky announced today that whooping cough disease has reached epidemic levels in Washington. So far in 2012, 640 cases have been reported in 23 counties as of March 31. This compares to 94 cases during this same time period last year, putting Washington on-pace to have the highest number of reported cases in decades.

As of March 31, 2012, Snohomish County has the highest number of whooping cough cases of all Washington State counties with 168 cases reported.

Mill Creek City Councilmember Mark Harmsworth announces his run for Washington State House of Representatives

Mark Harmsworth announces his run for 44th District representative

Mark Harmsworth announced his intention to run for the State House of Representatives on Thursday. Hans Dunshee currently holds the 44th Legislative District seat that Harmsworth is seeking.

Harmsworth has been a member of the Mill Creek City Council since 2008. He was unopposed when elected to his second Mill Creek City Council term last year.

In his announcement Harmsworth said, "Our State is facing some of the toughest challenges in its history. Every day we hear stories of friends and neighbors struggling to make ends meet."