Douglas Carlson is running for Mill Creek City Council

Douglas Carlson announced he is running for Mill Creek City Council position number two. Carlson is a Washington native and has lived most of his life in the Northwest.
Douglas Carlson in August 2007. Photo credit: Douglas Carlson.

Douglas Carlson announced he is running for Mill Creek City Council position number two.

Carlson is a Washington native and has lived most of his life in the Northwest. He loves Washington State and spending time with his sweetheart and her rambunctious four-year-old grandson.

Carlson devoted his professional career to government service and protecting community health. He started as an intern with Watson Laboratories focusing on R&D of a project for patients of transdermal therapy as a method of drug delivery proven to reduce typical side effects of standard oral treatment. He worked as a laboratory chemist Ultradent Products, Inc., on the development of a wide range of dental pharmaceuticals and medical devices focused on hemostasis, topical anesthesis, antisepsis, and restoration. Finally, he worked as an Interdisciplinary Scientist for the United States Food and Drug Administration taking a leadership role over a team of scientists responding to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and earlier, to the melamine outbreak of 2008.

Carlson is committed to the education of our youth and young adults and has personally worked as a classroom educator at Florida State University and Brigham Young University teaching chemistry, mathematics and physics.

Members of the community can meet Carlson while he is playing tennis at the Jackson High School courts or going for a run through the many trails and parks in the community.

Carlson loves his community and is committed to lending his time and talents to the City Council. He is devoted to the preservation and beautification of his community and environment and is committed to valid scientific processes in education, community health, nutrition, and environment.

Carlson will be running against incumbent Donna Michelson, and challenger Jason Wingert for the City Council seat.

Michelson has served on the Mill Creek City Council since 1999 with two years as Mayor and four years as Mayor Pro-Tem.

Wingert is a local financial services business owner and has lived in Mill Creek since 2002.

Since the State of Washington has a Top 2 Primary system, the two candidates that get the most votes in the August 6th Primary Election will qualify for the November 5th General Election.

Carlson provided the following statements regarding his campaign:

“I have attended council meetings and spoken with Ms. Michelson by telephone on several occasions.  She has warmly received my input in the past as I have spoken to her about my desire to serve on the council.”

“I was prompted to serve on the city council after feeling that the current council members were unanimously passing changes to city ordinances, such as, allowing larger signage on and around businesses, with little opposition.  The position of my campaign is that such proposals be adequately researched using objectively valid methods and properly discussed in consideration of all viewpoints.”

“I consider myself uniquely qualified to serve the people of Mill Creek as their City Councilman. As a public servant and trained scientist, I will have an objective voice for my community as I consider the important fiscal issues facing the council.”

“It is difficult to argue with the four points mentioned briefly by Mr. Wingert in his campaign announcement. However, I feel that additional revenue from expanding business ventures comes at an important cost to the beauty and safety of our community. Increased revenues from our residents are the clear answer. My campaign is seeking a balanced approach to revenue generation."

Carlson doesn’t believe that bringing a big-box store such as Target to Mill Creek will be good for the community. He believes that big-box stores unfairly take sales away from smaller local businesses.

However, Carlson mostly opposes big-box stores in Mill Creek because of increased traffic, “I think the most convincing argument for opposing construction of the new Target is unsafe conditions surrounding increased traffic congestion. I don't think most residents want to deal with that. Additionally, it is the best argument for a compromise with the corporation to fund additional traffic enforcement within city limits.”


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