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Everett Public Schools Foundation awards 47 grants, totaling over $35k, to classrooms

The Everett Public Schools Foundation (EPSF) awarded 47 classroom grants for the 2014-15 school year. The total of $35,000 is a $7,000 increase from last year.

By Mary Waggoner, Everett Public Schools Director of Communications.

The Everett Public Schools Foundation increased their grants by $7k from last year.

The Everett Public Schools Foundation (EPSF) awarded 47 classroom grants for the 2014-15 school year.

“We awarded grants ranging in amount from $190 to $1,000 for a total of over $35,000, an increase of $7,000 over last year,” said Kristie Dutton, EPSF Executive Director. 

Over 12,000 students will be impacted with innovative grants encompassing literacy support, science enhancement, family reading nights, writing programs, technology in the classroom and many other academic and arts enrichment programs. 

“We are proud to continue the growth of the Classroom Grant Program and thank all of those in the community who provide financial support to make this wonderful initiative happen each year!” said Dutton.

For a full synopsis of each grant awarded, please visit their website at

Cascade High:

  • Laurie Cappello and Mark Staley - "Using Video and Audio Recording Technology for Assessment in the Performing Arts"
  • Deborah Frickey - "Students Teaching Students: From the Greenhouse to the Table"
  • Jack McLeod and Brian Cherniak - "Vertical Hydroponics: The Living Green Wall"

Cedar Wood Elementary:

  • Mark Smith, Katelyn Pancake-Boal, Lynn Watson and Janet Kim - "E-book Circulation at Cedar Wood"

Eisenhower Middle:

  • Hedy Schlaht - "iPad: Breaking through the Communication Barrier"

Emerson Elementary:

  • Kailani Tibayan, Lindsay Olson, Alissa Andersson, Jill Vandermeer-Romero and John Pappas - "Raizing Raz Readers"
  • Lauren Opsal and Candy Wilson - "Hatching Readers"
  • Vicky North - "Lights! Camera! Action! Creating Writers and Good Citizens through Digital Storytelling"

Everett High:

  • Cheryl Carlson, Melanya Materne, Heather Hoffman and Kristin Price - "Innovative Vocabulary Enrichment: A Common Core Necessity"
  • Maria Thompson and Kate Cain - "Reading for All Levels"
  • Jeniffer Pitharoulis - "AP Language Class Reads"
  • Ben Zupke and Nancy Flowers - "GradeCam"

Forest View Elementary:

  • Deb Strong and Brandy Schroeder - "A Classroom Environment in Numeracy"

Gateway Middle:

  • Susan Hines-Elzinga -  "Taking Solids to Liquids Through Encaustic Sculpture"

Hawthorne Elementary:

  • Darren Larama - "3D Design and Printing Club"
  • Judi Caudle - "Help! I Can't Remember!"
  • Kimberly Demetre and Celia O'Connor-Weaver - "5th Grade Ukulele Program"
  • Pat Collins, Liz Trujillo and Kelly Jewell - "Developing a Passion for Reading Informational Text"

Jackson Elementary:

  • Molly Allen - "Ready to Read!"

Jefferson Elementary:

  • LaVonne Peterson and Mica Harasek - "Knee-deep in History Novels"

Madison Elementary:

  • Tracy Allen and Heather Ferrel - "Diving Deeper with C.I.A."
  • Kaye Lysen and David O'Neill - "A Hawaiian Delight: Ukuleles for More Kids"
  • Amy Rounds, Julie Smith and Wendy Beaudry - "Creating Common Core Readers through Fluency"

Monroe Elementary:

  • Marea Preus - "Wood and Paper and Construction Toy Workshop"
  • Bridget Mooney - "Speech Buddies, Tackling persistent sound errors for a lifetime change"
  • Debi Doyle - "Future of Flight's Gliding into Innovation - Boeing Career Tours"
  • Barney Peterson - "First Lego League Robotics Team - Everett 7"

North Middle:

  • Daniel Natividad - "Student Homework Club for English Language Learner students"
  • Callie Berg, Diane Bissell and Jeff Blood - "Moving Minds"
  • Craig Cummings, Cynthia Gaub and Deb Bodeau - "The Second Annual Evening of the Arts"

Penny Creek Elementary:

  • Wanda Hill - "Hearing is Differentiation"
  • Kim Woodrum - "Washington State Visitor Centers"


  • Nancy Bertholet, Jennifer Heman, Jack Roy and Kim Christie - "Leading the Way Forward;  The Next Chapter of a Success Story" 

Silver Lake Elementary:

  • Cora Bunker, Nichola Elston,and Jennifer Russell - "IXL subscriptions"
  • Kathie Gilbert, Cerra Sand, Kelly Ihrig and Dodie Greaves - "Engaging Literacy Instruction to meet Common Core English Language Arts Standards"
  • Taneal Carlson - "Listening Stations"
  • Melissa Martinez, Tina McGran, Kathleen Tinsley and Margaret Shipe - "Reading is "Egg'cellent"

View Ridge Elementary:

  • Amy Socha - "Tools for Life:  Study Skills for Spelling"
  • Sandy Brodahl and Gloria Diana-Rigby - "Keyboarding Made Fun with Type to Learn 4"

Whittier Elementary:

  • Marci Ameluxen - "Sensory Supports to Enhance Learning for a Diverse Population"
  • Jocelyn Sievers-Bailey - "Storyworks - Works for All!"
  • Lindsay Buff and Joan Hills - "Robotics in the Elementary School"
  • Melinda Zacky, Kristi Gerlan, Dakota Laughbon and Elisabeth Hull - "Hatching Readers"

Woodside Elementary:

  • Joan Litzkow and Debbie Wrobel - "CSI: Chromebook Searchers Investigate"
  • Tracy Clifton, Cassandra White and Jen Meeuwsen - "Rock Star Reading Night!"

Everett School District Early Learning Department:

  • Kelly Marks - "All Pencils and Scissors are NOT created Equal"