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Everett Public Schools passes 2014 Washington State audit with zero findings

Everett Public Schools passed the 2014 Washington State audit with no findings. There has only been one finding for the Everett School District, which has subsequently been resolved, in the past ten years.

By Mary Waggoner, Everett Public Schools Director of Communications.

Five auditors, 800 hours, over two months. That’s the amount of time Washington State Auditors spent reviewing district finances this year before declaring, “Very, very, very good!”

Every year Washington school districts welcome teams of State Auditors for the in-depth check of district finance management and reporting.

The final report is now on the State Auditor’s website. The Accountability Report indicates a ten-year history of good audits stating, “We audit the District on an annual basis. The past 10 audits have reported one finding in fiscal year 2011 related to internal controls over accounting and financial statement preparation. This finding has been resolved.”

For Everett Public Schools, the 2014 audit began in February and ended on March 19th with the audit team meeting with school board members and staff in the official “audit exit conference.”

At that audit exit conference and in a subsequent email to Dr. Gary Cohn, K. Gaboise, the lead auditor, said, “Very, very, very good! I am once again impressed with how clean the district’s statements that your staff has created were this year. GAAP financial statements are complex to put together, and you should be very proud of the product that your staff has created.” Kirk Gadbois, SAO.