Kiwanis of Mill Creek’s Kindness Wall - Encourage Someone in Need of Support

Kindness is built into the foundation of humanity, and one way we can strengthen that foundation is through encouragement – especially for those people in our lives we know are in need of support in these difficult times.
This week's Act of Kindness. Photo courtesy of Kiwanis Club of Mill Creek.

By Greg Elwin, Kiwanis Club of Mill Creek Media Relations Coordinator.

Kiwanis of Mill Creek’s “Kindness Wall” is intended to bring acts of kindness to the community, but since we are all social distancing, we share our Kindness Wall with you – virtually.

This week’s act of kindness! 

Saturday, February 27th, marks day #343 since the beginning of the nationwide COVID shutdown. If we look back at the past (almost) year, we have all experienced a lifetime of stress, anxiety, fear and mourning. 

Not only have we dealt with the impacts of a global pandemic and the sickness and death that go with that, we’ve experienced upheaval from a national and international social justice movement, accompanied by related but not necessary destruction of property.

We’ve had to lay bare our personal and political feelings and then, most recently, witness an attempted insurrection against the very democracy that our nation is built upon.

That’s a lot to deal with, all while waiting for a vaccine, worrying about our health and some sort of return to normalcy!

But I have to tell you that we are better because of all of this! Politics aside (and I know that can be difficult), we are united as a nation to bring an end to those challenges before us. There are different ideas and plans on how to do this, and that is OK. Again, our democracy is built upon those differences.  

Rest assured however, that our nation will emerge from the pandemic stronger and more united.  We will work through social and economic justice issues and be stronger there as well. And politics and our democratic form of government will be better as a result. This is my encouragement to you – pass it on!

In times like these, it is kindness at the local level that can be built to influence regionally and nationally. Kindness is built into the foundation of humanity, and one way we can strengthen that foundation is through encouragement – especially for those people in our lives we know are in need of support.

Strengthening our community is contagious. We can do this by simple acts of kindness – such as encouraging those around us and reminding them that everything’s gonna be alright – pay it forward!

The mission of the Kiwanis of Mill Creek is to empower our members to improve our community by making lasting differences in the lives of children. This starts with kindness. 

We would love to hear about how you were able to take this simple act of kindness and make a difference!  Please share in the reader comments section here and on your social media pages. 

You can find us on Facebook by clicking on this link: Kiwanis of Mill Creek Facebook page

The Kiwanis of Mill Creek meets the first and third Wednesdays of each month at 6:00 pm. While we are under Covid-19 restrictions, our meetings are held via Zoom.

Once we can again gather, our meetings are held at the Mill Creek City Council Chambers at 15728 Main Street, Mill Creek WA.

If you are interested in attending a Zoom meeting, please email


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