Kiwanis of Mill Creek’s Kindness Wall - Identify People and Opportunites to Help

Our “Kindness Wall” is intended to bring acts of kindness to the community and to create bonds.  This week's act of kindness is about building positive energy by identifying those in our community who need help and then to look for opportunities to help them.
This week's Act of Kindness. Photo courtesy of Kiwanis Club of Mill Creek.

By Greg Elwin, Kiwanis Club of Mill Creek Media Relations Coordinator.

The mission of the Kiwanis of Mill Creek is to empower our members to improve our community by making lasting differences in the lives of children.

This starts with kindness. Kindness to each other creates the bond of community, and community helps us all lead safe, happy and fulfilling lives! 

Our “Kindness Wall” is intended to bring acts of kindness to the community, but since we are all social distancing, we share our Kindness Wall with you – virtually.

This week’s act of kindness!

It has been said that one measure of what kind of people we are is how we deal with adversity.  Well, we have certainly all been measured greatly…adversity is 2020’s middle name!

It is during these tough times – times of uncertainty – times of fear – times of anxiety – that we can be at our best! It is easy to be good when things are great, but it is tough to be great when things are tough! So, let’s find opportunities to be great.

We, as humans, are at our best when we are doing something good and demonstrating ‘humanity.' 

One definition of humanity is the characteristics that belong uniquely to human beings, such as kindness, mercy, and sympathy. An example of humanity is treating someone with kindness. Kindness is manifested by caring about those in our community and building positive energy.

Positive begets positive, so let’s see if we can identify some people to help today – and then look for opportunities to help them!

As the annual celebration of ghosts and goblins descends upon us this weekend don’t be afraid! Find someone – anyone – who you think could use some help – and look for ways to help!  It can be anything – from the smallest token to something significant.

Demonstrate humanity and recharge your positive batteries by doing something nice for someone else. Be kind! Love really is the answer…spread the love!

We would love to hear about how you were able to take this simple act of kindness and make a difference! Please share in the reader comments section here and on your social media pages.  You can find us on Facebook

The Kiwanis of Mill Creek meets the first and third Wednesdays of each month at 6:00 pm. While we are under Covid-19 restrictions, our meetings are held via Zoom.

Once we can again gather, our meetings are held at the Mill Creek City Council Chambers, 15728 Main Street, Mill Creek WA.

If you are interested in attending a Zoom meeting, please email


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