Left Coast / Right Coast: Fasten your seatbelt, the political season has started

I will try as hard as I can to appear “neutral.” However, as the Democrat Party's 2020 presidential nomination process is simply so over-loaded with people, it simply is too rich a target to not take advantage of.
Mike Gold living the dream in the Pacific Northwest. Photo credit: Nancy Gold.

By Mike Gold, a retired entrepreneur "living the dream in the Pacific Northwest."

I will try as hard as I can to appear “neutral.” However, as the Democrat Party's 2020 presidential nomination process is simply so over-loaded with people, it simply is too rich a target to not take advantage of.

Let me start with Bernie Sanders. I have no idea what caused Mr. Sanders to abandon New York City for Vermont. Here is one version of the story: "Leaving Brooklyn, Bernie Sanders Found Home In Vermont." But as one says: “You can take the boy out of the city, but you can’t take the city out of the boy.”

Sanders has that unbelievably shrill New York City accent. Every time I hear him speak, I think of grammar school and one of my nemesis scraping their fingernails on the blackboard.

Now I’ve been to Vermont,  the Green Mountain State, many times. I used to ski there as a young man. My favorite place was Mt. Snow, which was also called “mascara mountain.” It was called that as the ski lodge always seemed to be full of New York City snow bunnies – who rarely skied but were always made up with makeup to the hilt.

Also, on my favorite list is Killington. This was a true skier’s mountain. Lots of “expert” and “advanced expert” trails.

Now I mention Vermont and skiing. If you glance at both web sites above, what will strike you is how little they stress snow and skiing. I suspect that’s because they are trying desperately to figure out reasons for you to go there other than the very short twelve weeks of winter ski season.

Back to Bernie: I think monkeys would fly out of my butt before you would ever see him on the slopes. I don’t know about when he was a younger man – but the idea of athleticism and Sanders used in the same breath simply does not register with me.

He lost badly in his 2016 run for President. Some say the Clinton machine in cooperation with the Democratic National Committee “cooked the books,” preventing him from having a real chance to become the nominee.

I think I can safely say that Hillary Clinton lost to Donand Trump because she simply was not an attractive candidate (untrustworthy jumps out at me) and Trump took advantage by running against the “ingrained and unpopular administration.” The general population – other than in the Northeast and the West Coast simply was not happy with the status quo.

Next is Joe Biden. Let me start with the obvious. Biden is attempting to look youthful. Difficult to do when you have false teeth and hair plugs. To me, he looks more like a candidate for a retirement home. And to say he is “gaff prone” is a giant understatement. It seems to me that since his declaration of running (again), he has spent much more time apologizing for his gaffs than actually running on some platform.

Then there is the “hands on, hair sniffing” Joe. I think these detriments will derail any serious attempt for him to be the nominee.

Elizabeth Warren: While she has raised quite a bit of money since the first democratic debate, I don’t think she will ever live down the “Pocahontas” label that has made her look less than truthful.

The rest of the cast:

Pete Buttigieg: Aside from the fact his last name is unpronounceable (unless German is your native language), he has a far left reputation as well as some personal baggage which I think is or will drag him down.

Kamala Harris: In my opinion and that of many other political observers – she also has quite a bit of baggage from her past and a reputation for not being the smartest dog in the hunt.

Gov. Jay Inslee (Washington state): His problem is simply no one knows who he is. Then just this week, one of his prospective large donors (a California billionaire) has himself declared he is running as a candidate. Kiss hundreds of thousands of $ goodby.

Then there are the rest: Booker – no chance. Mayor de Blasio (NY City) – no chance. The rest have very little public awareness. That’s death to a politician.

The Green New Deal: Again, in my opinion, any politician that attempts to hook themselves up to this “deal” will sink under its financial weight. Estimated to cost over $100 trillion over ten years. Some of the current 25 candidates have done just that and they have sunk quicker than the Titanic.

Okay, what about Trump? I volunteer at two senior citizen centers. To a person, they despise Trump. I mean real hatred. And as both the East Coast and West Coast have a liberal orientation, they also hate him.

What he has going for him is our economy is robust, unemployment is low, and wages are up especially among minority groups. His negatives are that the current stand-off with China (re trade) could really harm him over the next year – depending on how it unwinds. On the other hand, any reasonable deal will help him.

So, again, fasten that seat belt – we’re in for a very bumpy ride.



Left Coast/Right Coast Neutral? Hardly.

Neutral?  Hardly. Patroniziing and condescending is how it comes across to me. Too many issues to address to even know where to start.  My mom lives in an assisted living center in Mill Creek and her experience has been that there are very few non-Trump supporters. They're all in and do not despise or hate him.  And, for the Trump negatives, the trade deal with China and that's it?  Seriously?

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