"Mill Creek—blooming with activity!" By Mill Creek Garden Club

The Mill Creek Garden Tour is Saturday, June 24th, from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. Photo courtesy of Mill Creek Garden Club.

By Lila Johnson, Mill Creek Garden Club PR Chair.

run, tour, shop, eat

Get off to an early start on Saturday, June 24, 2017:  lace up your jogging shoes to participate in the “Run of the Mill” 5K Walk/Run event. Run entry fees and contributions are donated to local charities and youth sports programs.  (Run.)

Cool down, change into casual attire, grab your official Tour Guide and leisurely stroll through the not often seen backyards of the six lovely gardens open for the 3rd Annual Mill Creek Garden Tour.

Delight in the behind-the-gate views, get landscape ideas, socialize with the home owners and Mill Creek Garden Club members all while enjoying the beauty of a garden setting—and be thankful you didn’t have to pull the weeds.  (Tour.)

The Gardens’ Digest

#1.  Holly:  seasons, texture, herbs, sustainable - appetizing

      Garden #1 Bonus:  stepping-stones, designs, colored concrete, for sale - unique

#2.  Evergreen:  redone, stone patio, berm, green belt - enticing

#3.  Sun Rose:  private, natural scenery, waterfall, entertainment - blissful

#4.  Vine Maple:  pond view, bench, yard art, natural setting - whimsical

#5.  Willow:  Japanese maples, ferns, colorful containers, golf course - serene

#6.  Wildflower:  rocks, evergreens, unique plants, colors – experimental

Whew, that’s six gardens and a bonus condensed to seven words:  appetizing, unique, enticing, blissful, whimsical, serene, experimental.   

Gardener or not, the Mill Creek Garden Tour is sure to add fun to your weekend activities. 

Time for a shopping spree at any of our area stores or centers. (Shop.) 

And surely by now you’re feeling the need for food, so try a nearby new-to-you restaurant.  There are so many possibilities and maybe you’ll nab an outside table! (Eat.)

run, tour, shop, eat—a Mill Creek blooming-good day.

Mill Creek Garden Tour: Saturday, June 24; Gardens Open 11–4; Tickets $15 for all are available at Li’l Sprout Nursery, 17414 Bothell-Everett Hwy., Mill Creek. Garden Tour proceeds benefit Mill Creek Garden Club’s “Giving through Gardening” programs. 

Special Ticket Sale Location – Saturday, June 17:  Look for our Garden Club banner and friendly members outside the University Book Store, Mill Creek Town Center. Cash & Checks only at this location.

One of six beautiful gardens on the Mill Creek Garden Club Tour. Photo courtesy of Mill Creek Garden Club.

One of six beautiful gardens on the Mill Creek Garden Club Tour. Photo courtesy of Mill Creek Garden Club.

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