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Mill Creek Garden Club hands over the dough!

Cedar Wood’s Principal Dr. David Jones (pictured) smiles proudly as MCGC’s Sandi Vivion (second from left) hands over the check to teacher Char Erickson for her “Teaching Wall” award winning grant.
Cedar Wood accepts check from Mill Creek Garden Club. Photo courtesy of Mill Creek Garden Club.

By Lila Johnson, Mill Creek Garden Club Public Relations Chair

Mill Creek Garden Club proudly awards $3,614.72 with our 2014-15 “Giving through Gardening” school grants.  This program was established to award funds for garden-related, student involved projects from five local elementary schools.  We are constantly amazed by the creativity and learning-enhancing plans of these Everett School District Principals and Teachers.  Good job all!

Cedar Wood’s Principal Dr. David Jones (pictured) smiles proudly as MCGC’s Sandi Vivion (second from left) hands over the check to teacher Char Erickson for her “Teaching Wall” award winning grant. 

The wonderful students pictured will be involved in the design and painting of the wall which will be outside their classroom near the raised planting beds and will be seen by the entire school. 

The grant covers plywood, paint, brushes, primer, sealer, drop cloths and hopefully lots of soap, water and towels.  They’re hoping for some sunny, dry days in May to complete their project on water & nutrient cycles in a healthy garden.

Forest View:  MCGC’s Lila Johnson delivered three checks to the proud winners of the “Giving through Gardening” school grants award at Forest View. 

Kari Henderson received funds for creating a natural habitat outside her 2nd Grade classroom and her students will receive tools to weed and plant the area, along with lots of Red Flowering Currant plants!  

Brandy Schroeder and Debra Strong wowed garden club with their idea to create an outdoor classroom overlooking Forest View’s natural habitat.  Picture the kids outside at picnic tables, binoculars and journals in hand.  It will be the perfect spot for field studies, creative writing and nature-inspired art.

Principal Holly Martinez wrote the grant requesting funds for the final phase planting of their butterfly garden and MCGC has offered the assistance of member Pat Huckell who nurtures a successful butterfly garden in her own Mill Creek yard.

Mill Creek:  MCGC’s Karen Brandon had the pleasure of hand delivering a check to Principal Brenda Fuglevand for her school’s award-winning Friendship Bench project. 

The bench, to be designed and built by students with Eagle Scout assistance, will be a special “I need a friend” spot during recess time. 

Nearby will be a butterfly garden complete with student-made stepping stones.  What a heartwarming project that involves the children and lets them enjoy the benefit of working together on a garden. 

Between Mill Creek and Forest View, we may see lots of butterflies in the area soon!

Woodside:  Principal Dr. Betty Cobbs gave MCGC’s Pam Gadsden a big hug as she delivered the check for Woodside’s project. 

Dr. Cobbs requested funds for bags of planting soil and perennial plants for the “W” on their hillside in front of the school. 

The 4th & 5th Grade Student Council will work together planting and maintaining the Woodside “W” as they teach all the students to have pride in the upkeep and beautification of their school grounds. 

Mill Creek Garden Club congratulates all four of our award-winning schools.   We look forward to receiving updates as the projects are completed and perhaps we can share those with the community.  

The support you’ve given us with our previous years’ flower basket sales and the upcoming, June 27, Mill Creek Garden Tour have allowed us to increase the amount of funds awarded each year.  We thank you very much.