"Mill Creek Garden Tour coming up," by Lila Johnson

No ordinary chair, but a “chairfull” of color. Photo credit: Lila Johnson.
No ordinary chair, but a “chairfull” of color. Photo credit: Lila Johnson.

By Lila Johnson, Mill Creek Garden Club PR Chair.

Why go on a garden tour?

I’m an amateur gardener so I delight at being invited into others’ gardens, but maybe you question what’s in it for you. A few reasons come to mind.

Garden Snooping.   Come on admit it, you’ve wondered what lurks behind that garden gate?  No need to speculate; buy a ticket to meander through six back yards and see what surprises lie in wait.  Garden tours allow you to be nosy!

Support your local garden club.  Mill Creek Garden Club has been a member of our community since 1984. Over the years, we’ve sold hundreds of flower baskets and now we ask your backing of our Garden Tour. 

Over 30+ years, we’ve awarded numerous college scholarships, given Grants to local elementary schools, funded and hosted a kid-involved planting project, donated $2,000 to Farmer Frog, funded the maintenance of the Friendship Garden, planted and maintained the entry-way garden at City Hall, planted and maintained the flagpole raised bed at Veterans Monument and donated a bench to the City at Library Park. 

We’ve only just begun; help us give back to our community.

 Lila Johnson.

Garden Club’s 30th Anniversary gift to the City - March, 2014. Photo credit: Lila Johnson.

Plants.  You may know some plants on a first name basis, but it’s that unknown one that may catch your attention. Who better to chat with than the homeowners who will be in their gardens to answer questions. Be on the lookout for a must-have plant that’s new to you.  For gardeners, “plant envy” is alive and well.

Outside the box.  Impatiens make a lovely shade border, but have you seen them casually spilling out of an intentionally tipped over barrel?   How about an antique kitchen chair repurposed into an outdoor planter? I’ve seen a mosaic tile-covered bowling ball as art in a garden!  Get quirky ideas for your own yard.

 Lila Johnson.

“Quirky epitomized” created by MCGC member Debbie Palm. Photo credit: Lila Johnson.

Therapeutic.   Being in a lovely garden is good for your health—it’s stress free

As a gardener, working in my garden, creating a serene woodland area, a pollinator-friendly area and a brightly floral patio space—well, it nourishes my soul, allows my creativity to soar and just plain makes me happy. The aches and pains that occasionally occur, well they are a reminder that gardening is good for the body too.

Mill Creek Garden Club invites you to garden snoop!

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