Washington State PTA announces newly installed Board of Directors

WSPTA Board of Directors President Michelle Nims. Photo courtesy of WSPTA.
WSPTA Board of Directors President Michelle Nims. Photo courtesy of WSPTA.

By Kathryn Hobbs, Washington State PTA.

The Washington State Parent Teachers Association (WSPTA), the oldest and largest grassroots child advocacy association in Washington state, is proud to announce the 2017-2019 board of directors.

The board of directors convened for the first time the weekend of June 2-4, 2017, during the inaugural board meeting. The board meeting's purpose is to strengthen leadership and provide support to the newly installed officers, and ultimately, create the framework of the association for the next two years.

WSPTA has a long and proud history of advocating for all children in the state of Washington regardless of race, creed, gender, zip code, or the way they learn,” stated newly installed Washington State PTA President, Michelle Nims. “This legacy will continue to be the focus of our work for the next two years.

During the board meeting, the WSPTA board of directors will commit to increasing effective family and community engagement; increasing the number of PTA leaders; and ensuring that the WSPTA continues the mission that PTA is a powerful voice for children, a relevant resource for families, schools and communities, and is an advocate for the well-being and education of all children.

Teri Davis, Vice President, expressed her PTA passion by stating; “I joined PTA because I wanted to be involved with the school in some way and with my daughter’s education. Over the past ten years I have found working with new PTA officers to develop their leadership skills to be my passion. My time on the state board as membership director was a fulfilling experience and I look forward to continuing to serve our WSPTA members and the community in my new role as vice president.”

The 2017-2019 Washington State Board of Directors:

  •     President: Michelle Nims
  •     Vice President: Teri Davis
  •     Secretary: Diane Call
  •     Finance Officer: Janice Kutzera
  •     Family & Community Engagement Director: Duncan Taylor
  •     Leadership Director: Julie Haase
  •     Legislative Director: Nancy Chamberlain
  •     Membership Director: Megan Klein
  •     Program Director: Kimberli Swenson
  •     Area A Vice President: Monika Scotti
  •     Area B Vice President: Jane Dulski
  •     Area C Vice President: Tania Skinner
  •     Area D Vice President: Amanda Shipman
  •     Area E Vice President: Mary Levesque

About Washington State PTA: The Washington State PTA was founded in 1905 by Abby Williams Hill of Tacoma, an artist who saw the need for an organization to support Washington’s children. Thanks to her leadership and vision—and over 133,000 current members who have carried her vision forward—Washington State PTA has been a leading voice for children in Washington for more than 112 years. To learn more about Washington State PTA, please visit


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