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Letters to the Editor

  • Two important levies for our Everett Public Schools are in need of your vote on February 8. These provide essential student services in our schools and much-needed building upgrades, many that are overdue.

  • Surrounding cities with populations similar to Mill Creek have 24 to 28 police officers, or one officer to every 750 citizens. Mill Creek has 18 officers, or one officer to 1,300 people and soon to lose another.

  • The Everett SD will have 2 levies on the ballot.

    At the 11/30/21 Everett SD board meeting, the school board members approved the pro and con committees to write the pro and con statements (and the respective rebuttals) for the 2 school district measures for the February 8th 2022 election. These will be published in the voters' pamphlet that voters will receive in their regular mail in mid January.

    If you have ideas for either side, feel free to reach out and share your thoughts.

  • Snohomish Regional Fire & Rescue wants to thank voters for approving a fire levy lid lift in the recent election. Revenue from the levy lid lift will be used to maintain staffing levels as well as restore firefighter training, fire prevention and life safety programs.

  • In a race for governor in Virginia, Republican candidate, Youngkin, is gaining on Democrat frontrunner, McAuliffe, in the polls; a shocking development in a deep blue state where Trump lost by a large margin. Many point to McAuliffe’s statement as a turning point in the election: "I don't think parents should be telling schools what they should teach."

  • Riddle me this: why does a Mill Creek City Council candidate, Adam Morgan, need financing by a PAC out of Tacoma? Forge Washington, a PAC that lists its major donors as three different electric contractors (none of which are located in Mill Creek) has contributed $8,474 to Adam Morgan’s non-partisan re-election campaign in the form of direct mailers to homes in Mill Creek.

  • During Mr. Briles’ doorbelling for Mill Creek City Council, we had the opportunity to meet him and hear his views. Every election cycle a worthy candidate emerges. Mr. Briles is that candidate.

  • Mayor Pro Tem Stephanie Vignal has provided our City much needed and appreciated security and leadership through the Mill Creek City Council, Position 2. Vignal is a consistent, transparent voice for fiscal responsibility, smart community investment and strategic transportation planning - working collaboratively across governmental agencies to advocate for the needs of our community.

  • Stephanie Vignal eats, sleeps and breathes the Mill Creek City Council on which she serves as Mayor Pro Tem.

  • As a 36-year resident of Mill Creek, I urge voters to retain Benjamin Briles to the Mill Creek City Council on Tuesday, November 2. I met Benjamin eight years ago when he moved in next door. He and I have shared many conversations about what’s happening in our community and I’ve found him to be open, articulate and thoughtful.

  • If you’re looking for an intelligent and thoughtful voice to continue the growth in vitality in Mill Creek, elect Benjamin Briles to a full term in Position 3 on the Mill Creek City Council. Appointed to the council in the fall of 2020, Benjamin has presided with integrity and commitment.