Letters to the Editor

  • The local teachers union appears to run the district because although teachers here are already the highest paid in the state, the administration's negotiating team recently approved a huge pay increase for them.

    These administrators ALSO just happen to have one of the highest compensations in the state. It doesn’t look like a simple coincidence from an outside perspective.

  • The city of Mill Creek is one of the most desirable areas to live in Snohomish County. This did not happen by accident. We have had many of our outstanding residents that have served as City Council members. They’ve shared their knowledge, professional expertise, experience and pride to help develop the lovely city that Mill Creek has become.

  • Alzheimer’s disease is the only leading cause of death that cannot be prevented, cured, or even slowed. This matters deeply to the more than five million Americans living with Alzheimer’s disease, including 110,000 in Washington.

    As a caregiver to my wife Taryn of 42 years, I understand firsthand the impact this disease has on families across America.

  • What started as a community concern about the City Manager’s absence since mid April, has become a concern about the official conduct of this Council.

  • During my almost 19 years on the council, previously followed procedure was for the City Manager to appoint an Acting City Manager during their absence (anywhere from a few days to longer) or the Council would appoint an Interim City Manager to handle the current affairs of the city.

  • I am very concerned that Mayor Pruitt has overstepped her authority under our form of government. If council gave her authority to act in this capacity then I hold council responsible for her over reach of authority.

  • Doesn’t it make sense to utilize today’s technology to reach more people? Can you imagine 500 people showing up at a Town Hall Meeting? Where would they park? They would be adding to the congestion on our already congested roads!