Letters to the Editor

  • I was excited to attend Rep. John Lovick's Town Hall last Saturday.

    John Lovick has always been happy to hold Town Halls to answer questions and inform voters in his 44th Legislative District about what is going on in Olympia.

    I was so glad to hear Mr. Lovick say education is one of his top priorities and his goal is to find a way to fully fund education as ordered by the court. I am also very glad Rep. Lovick indicated that the solution must be through new revenue.

  • Mark Twain popularized the phrase “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” A recent survey by a union that represent a few city employees has been reported recently to present a view of city Hall that is just not true.

  • Last Tuesday night, a highly respected City Director took time at the Mill Creek City Council meeting under the public comment portion of the meeting to make glowing accolades and offer his support for his boss, City Manager Rebecca Polizzotto.

  • On behalf of Snohomish County Fire District 7, I want to thank voters in Mill Creek for supporting the city’s levy for Emergency Medical Service. Mill Creek contracts with Fire District 7 to provide fire and EMS for city residents and businesses.

    The EMS levy helps to fund the fire station in the city and 20 firefighters, who fill a five-person staffing model for an engine and a paramedic unit. This staffing model is critical to saving lives and property.

  • Mary Kay Voss’ letter advises there is an egregious situation involving the City Manager, Rebecca Polizzotto. Voss informs readers, 15 long-term employees left the city since Polizzotto was hired. Her letter was published before Kelly Chelin resigned after 16 years with the city. 16 employees left excellent jobs taking their training, experience and community relationships with them.

  • Looks like Kathy Nielsen and Didrik Voss speaking for his wife former council member Mary Kay Voss got some egg on their faces last night at the November 8th Mill Creek council meeting.

    Nielsen was concerned and complaining about how the council was handling the Capital Improvement Program (CIP). Mr. Voss reading Mary Kay Voss letter, which appeared to be written in the vernacular, indicated concerns about rolling up the Parks and Rec’s Departments funding in to the general fund.

  • The recent exodus of nearly 25% of the city's professional staff is a cause for concern. For whatever reason this has occurred is exacerbated by the fact the city does not have a formal exit interview policy within its Human Resource department.

  • When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for the citizens to demand their elected officials get their heads out of the sand, their fingers out of their ears and their blindfolds removed, this is that time.

    We have an egregious situation involving our city manager. Since she was hired 18 months ago, the City of Mill Creek has lost 15 long term employees. When management structure and personnel change, it is expected some employees would chose to take their leave. But 20-25%??? That is an extremely expensive outrage.

  • The question has been asked “What has Mayor Pruitt delivered”.

    Following the answer with more to come!

    Mayor Pruitt, the new City Council majority, and City Manager have achieved significant fiscal, organizational and management accomplishments in the last 3 years.

    They hired a new City Manager who in just 18 months accomplish more than ever imagined. She has saved us millions of dollars and quite a lot more over past expectations.

  • People wonder why we can’t get good people to represent us in Olympia and DC.

    Today, when I picked up my mail, the reason was sitting there in my mailbox: negative campaign pieces about two candidates I know and respect.

    It is so disheartening to see how the facts can be twisted and misrepresented to make good people seem bad. Please disregard such propaganda or, at the very least, learn the truth by doing your own investigation.

  • I am concerned about the number of experienced employees who have left the City in the last year or so. Small organizations can’t afford to lose this much talent.

    It began almost two years ago with the firing of City Manager Ken Armstrong, who was admired and loved by many Mill Creek citizens and in my opinion, most City employees.

    In the last year 13 or more employees have left the City. Some were asked to leave, others were pushed or fired, and some left in outright disgust.