Letters to the Editor

  • Snohomish County Fire District 7 wants to thank everyone who cast a ballot in the recent election. Turnout was low, and the outcome for our fire levy lid lift was not as we’d hoped. However, we appreciate everyone who participated in the process.

  • John Steckler is the strongest choice to return to the Mill Creek City Council Position 1. He was appointed to fill a vacancy in January 2018 and has served diligently with thoughtful, independent decisions based on the facts that best serve the city and its citizens.

  • April Berg has an exceptional resume of experience.  As a mother, the education of her children has been a top priority.  She now wants to make it a top priority for your children by being elected to the Everett School Board.  

    If elected, she will be the only board member from Mill Creek. We need her thoughtful, compassionate, and educated voice to assure our students have the knowledge and leadership skills necessary to move forward with self-confidence.  

  • Carmen Fisher has shown her dedication to our City via her volunteerism and through attendance at a multitude of City Council meetings.  She is very knowledgeable regarding past and current issues of Mill Creek.

    We need her fresh perspective on the many difficult issues and decisions which continue to affect our beautiful City.

  • As the advisory vote in Snohomish County regarding a fireworks ban approaches, I would like to point something out. This all started with a petition submitted by the South Snohomish County Fire and Rescue Authority to the county council. This petition was put forth by their board of commissioners that are essentially the politicians of this fire district, NOT by the firefighter’s local union also known as the actual first responders. I think this is worth considering when voters make their choice in the upcoming election.

  • I highly recommend Carmen Fisher for the Mill Creek City Council.  Let's see some positive change (for a change!).  Carmen will bring a new voice and a new perspective to issues brought before the Council.  Remembering that our community is made up of a majority of women, we should at least have one more woman on the Council to be truly representative.

  • Today it is my pleasure to proudly endorse Vincent Cavaleri for Position 3 on the Mill Creek City Council.  Vincent works tirelessly for the citizens of Mill Creek by connecting with our community and listening to constituents-whereby giving us a voice in decisions that impact our daily lives.  He cares deeply about issues that matter to Mill Creek families.  When I brought a concern to the Mill Creek Council, Vincent not only responded immediately to my email, but he met with me in person to discuss the outlined issues impacting my neighborhood.

  • John Steckler’s service on the Mill Creek City Council is a natural progression of his commitment to the Mill Creek community, having volunteered in this community for 20+ years. His dedication to the community is not for show, but a part of who the Stecklers are and how John and his wife, Lisa, have raised their two boys in this community. 

  • I have known John Steckler personally for over 30 years and believe without a shadow of doubt that he is the best choice for Position 1 on the Mill Creek City Council. 

  • Recently, the Mill Creek Town Center Business Association has received some inquiries and concerned e-mails regarding the recent closure announcement for the University Book Store - Mill Creek. The Association is not involved with or consulted on any aspects of property leasing or securing new tenants, and was in fact taken by surprise at the unfortunate news of one of our long time and valued tenants departing from our Center.

  • It is my pleasure to whole heartily support John Steckler for the Mill Creek Council, position 1.  His stellar qualifications and achievements are unmatched.

  • We would like to thank voters for participating in the recent fire levy lid lift election for Snohomish County Fire District 7. The results were not what we had hoped for, but we understand why the outcome was as it was.

    We will be back on the November ballot asking for a simple one-year lid lift request. This would return the fire levy from $1.36 to $1.50/$1,000. The 14-cent increase would last for one year and be $63 for the owner of a $450,000 home.

  • Greetings

    Last week (7/22/19), I sent email to the 6 candidates with a request that they please state their positions on a list of top issues that have been discussed on local school related forums. And I requested permission to post their replies.

    The issues include:

    • the huge teacher salary increases given last summer (2018) and the budget shortfall because of it,

    • school uniforms,

    • possible 4th comprehensive high school capital project on the 2020 ballot,