Mill Creek Women’s Club Auction, "Thanks for Giving," is November 19th

The 2014 Mill Creek Women's Club Auction will be on November 19th at the Mill Creek Country Club.

Mill Creek Women’s Club is proud to support the YWCA’s Pathways for Women and again this year 100% of their annual auction proceeds will directly benefit the YWCA Pathways Children’s Domestic Violence program. “Thanks for Giving” will be held Wednesday, November 19th, at the beautiful Mill Creek Country Club.

"In pursuit of the perfect lawn," from the Whistling Gardener

Originally reserved for the aristocracy, lawns slowly trickled down to the working class and in the US after WWII they became synonymous with suburbia.

The Whistling Gardener's column is about being in pursuit of the perfect lawn.

Let’s face it, for the most part the lawn is the man’s domain. It is literally his “turf” and when left alone he can spend endless hours mowing, edging, aerating, dethatching, feeding, reseeding, watering and weeding not to mention the time it takes to keep his trusty John Deere steed in good running condition.