Forever Home Cat of the Week - Buttons

Meet this week’s Pet of the Week and Staff Pick, Buttons!  Photo courtesy of Homeward Pet.

Meet this week’s Pet of the Week and Staff Pick, Buttons!

Buttons is about to charm your socks off! This silky girl loves nothing more than her wet food. She will greet you right at the door and circle around your legs until you reward her with the noms! It may take you a bit to earn her trust, but once you do she won’t let you go!” ~ Renny, Homeward Pet Adoption Counselor.

Tree tags in Mill Creek Town Center share value of trees to the community

Tree tag in the Mill Creek Town Center. Photo courtesy of City of Mill Creek.

Money really does grow on trees! People wandering through the south end of Mill Creek Town Center can now see tags attached to trees featuring dollar signs. The tags are part of an educational effort undertaken by the City of Mill Creek to help the community understand the value that trees and landscaping add to the city.

"Bonkers over Begonias," by The Whistling Gardener

Steve Smith is owner of Sunnyside nursery in Marysville. Photo courtesy of Sunnyside Nursery.

I confess, growing up in southern California, I have always had an affection for begonias. My very first purchase, at the young age of eight, was from the county fair and was a rhizomatous variety that I grew for many years. While I have never met a begonia I didn’t like, the number of varieties to choose from is far too numerous to cover in a short column like this, so I am going to focus on three of my favorites that are garden worthy.