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Kate Towell's Blog

"Ayurveda’s Anti-Inflammatory Elixir Recipe," by Kate Towell

Turmeric tea or golden milk is a great way to get the benefits of turmeric daily. Photo courtesy of Kate Towell.

I love it when the healing power of Ayurveda goes mainstream. It seems like that is happening more and more these days. When I started my coaching practice nearly seven years ago I remember having to spend a lot of time just explaining what the heck Ayurveda is. Now I walk into a coffee shop and golden milk is on the menu. How cool is that?

"Fall Buddha Bowl Recipe," By Kate Towell

Kate Towell shared her fall Buddha Bowl recipe.  Photo courtesy of Kate Towell.

If you are new to the idea of making Buddha Bowls and not sure what they are, the Urban Dictionary defines them as, “a bowl that is packed so full that it has a rounded ‘belly’ appearance on top much like the belly of a Buddha.”

Buddha Bowls are really just a big bowl of super healthy and delicious ingredients. I love them because they are simple to make and highly versatile. The combinations are endless.

"What Your Tongue Says About Your Health," by Kate Towell

The tongue is a perfect place to begin your journey into understanding your body on a deeper level. Photo courtesy of Kate Towell.

If you have ever been to see an Ayurvedic healer you probably answered a long list of questions, your pulse was taken and you were asked to show your tongue. Ancient healers knew that the outside of the body is a map that reflects what is happening on the inside and when taking responsibility for your own health, it’s important to follow their lead and analyze your body’s activities.

"The Only New Years Intention You Need," by Kate Towell

This time of year is a natural time for reflection and intention setting. Graphic courtesy of Kate Towell.

This time of year is a natural time for reflection and intention setting. It’s a time where we are open and willing to make changes and feel the possibilities held in the next twelve months. Sadly only about 10% of people see their intentions realized. Many times that is because we make unrealistic or vague resolutions and commitments that lead to overwhelm and inaction.