"How do Plants survive freezes," by the Whistling Gardener

Beautiful Hellebores. Photo courtesy of Sunnyside Nursery.

This recent spate of freezing temperatures has got me thinking about how some plants in my garden seem to be unfazed while others turn to mush.

I find it fascinating that the flowers on my witch hazelhaven’t skipped a beat, while the early blooms of the Christmas Cheer and Olive rhodies and Camellias have turned completely brown.

Everett School District elementary and middle school robotics teams make their way through competitions

North Middle School's "N.E.R.D.S. SaBOTage" robotics team. Photo courtesy of Everett Public Schools.

Six Everett School District elementary and middle school teams competed in the 2018 Washington State FIRST LEGO League semi-finals in January.

North Middle School’s “N.E.R.D.S. SaBOTage” and Mill Creek Elementary School’s “Space Tacos” were honored with Core Values Awards.