Mill Creek Garden Club

Leading the Way into their 32nd Year, from Mill Creek Garden Club

Mill Creek Garden Club Officers for 2015-16. Left to right in order:  Karen Brandon, Sally Dagna, Lyndal Kennedy, Gloria Buchanan, and Michael Crawford.

Mill Creek Garden Club celebrated good times and great memories at their recent May meeting. The theme was “picnic,” which was evident with the red/white checked table runners, red/white geranium centerpieces and the fabulous buffet lunch which included fried chicken, corn-on-the-cob, green and potato salads, watermelon and cookies.

"Where’s the Flower Basket Sale?" by the Mill Creek Garden Club

There will be no Mill Creek Garden Club flower basket sale this year.

Mill Creek Garden Club has received numerous inquiries about the status of our traditional Flower Basket Sale which featured delivery to your homes just before Mother’s Day. It’s nice to be missed, but we are excited to bring you a brand new event in place of the Basket Sale: Mill Creek Garden Tour, June 27, 11 am – 5 pm.

"Frivolity prevails for Mill Creek Garden Club Members!" by Lila Johnson.

Bellevue Botanical Garden's "Garden d'Lights"

Fun activities abound in December for the Garden Club gang. Kicking off the whole shebang is the group’s Christmas Party on December 9th. Surprises galore, a delicious holiday meal from Shawn O’Donnell’s and donations of toys to Christmas House are just some of the special things planned by Gloria Buchanan and her Christmas Committee.