Zen Garden Chinese Restaurant evicted

Zen Garden Chinese Restaurant owners evicted for non-payment of rent.
Zen Garden closes

The Snohomish County Sherriff’s Office evicted the owners of the Zen Garden Chinese Restaurant from their business for non-payment of rent on August 31st.

According to a reliable source who didn’t want to be named, the restaurant owners were at least four months behind in the rent.

The Zen Garden Chinese Restaurant was one of the few Chinese restaurants in Snohomish County offering Dim Sum.



Zen Garden

No big loss here, IMO. Gave this place two chances to impress me, both failed terribly.

not surprised its closed...

Food was ok but restrooms were discusting and should have been shut down for that itself. Wasabi shared same restrooms. Btw, this website shows Wasabi as a sponsor...

Zen Garden's restrooms

Zen Garden's restrooms were seldom cleaned and my wife refused to use them except in an emergency. Yet another reason for the restaurant's lack of patronage.

Wasabi Bay's landlord has made cleaner restrooms available for Wasabi Bay's patrons now that Zen Garden is closed. A major plus!


Good to know. Thanks!

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