Archbishop Murphy High School student Abigail Brandt receives multiple college scholarships

Abigail Brandt. Photo courtesy of Facebook.
Abigail Brandt. Photo courtesy of Facebook.

By Richard Van Winkle, News of Mill Creek.

Archbishop Murphy Senior Abigail Brandt’s achievements earned her multiple scholarships to pursue her goal to become a pediatrician. In addition to receiving $2,000 from the Providence General Children’s Association, she was awarded a $1,000 Association of Washington Cities scholarship, and $500 from the City of Mill Creek.

Brandt has been accepted to the University of California Los Angeles pediatric medicine program. Her goal to become a pediatrician came from her many months at Seattle Children’s Hospital dealing with a rare nerve condition.

She wrote in her Association of Washington Cities scholarship application that in 7th grade she spent months at Seattle Children’s Hospital relearning how to walk, run and live a normal life.

Brandt desired to return the excellent care she received during her treatment and recovery.

She also wrote in her application, “I want to ensure that my career allows me to make a positive change in the lives of as many people as possible, just as my doctors did for me so many years ago.”

Each year the Providence General Children’s Association awards ten $2,000 scholarships to high school seniors who have volunteered at CampProv or the hospital and have maintained a high grade-point average.

In addition to volunteering at CampProv for four years, Brandt gave back with an Avivara mission trip to Guatemala in 2016, working for four years with the Seattle Humane Society, conducting a self-run food drive that collected approximately 1,000 pounds, and working as a Washington Association of Student Leaders Prospective Camp counselor this year.

She received her Providence General Children’s Association scholarship at their May 9th annual meeting.

The Mill Creek City Council nominated Brandt for the Association of Washington Cities scholarship after evaluating several qualified Mill Creek high school seniors. The city council awarded her a $500 scholarship at the May 23rd city council meeting for this achievement.

The Association of Washington Cities selected Brandt out of 43 nominees as one of the six high school seniors to receive a $1,000 scholarship, which will be awarded at their annual June conference.


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