August Primary Election will decide Superior Court Judgeship

Jack Follis and Millie Judge are competing for the Snohomish County Superior Court Position 11 judgeship.
Jack Follis and Millie Judge

Jack Follis and Millie Judge are competing for the Snohomish County Superior Court Position 11 judgeship being vacated by retiring Judge Larry McKeeman who held the position for over twenty years.

Position 11 is the only contested seat out of 15 Snohomish County Superior Court judgeships. Because there are only two candidates, the race will be decided in the August 7th primary election.

The term for a Snohomish County Superior Court Judge is four years and the position pays $148,832 a year.

Jack Follis

Jack Follis is a Mill Creek resident who is a senior partner at Anderson Hunter Law Firm in Everett. He specializes in civil litigation representing individuals, small businesses, and corporations.

Follis got his law degree in 1985 from the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut. He moved to Snohomish County 1990 to work for Anderson Hunter as a trial lawyer.

Follis has been a court-appointed arbitrator approximately 170 times. He says, “this attests to my reputation for fairness. An arbitrator, just like a judge, conducts hearings and renders decisions. I believe fairness dictates that Superior Court judges follow the law, not create law to conform to personal beliefs.”

The Snohomish County Bar Association ranks Follis higher than Judge in their recently released Judicial Bar Poll. Poll respondents gave Follis 234 weighted first place points compared to Judge’s 108 weighted first place points.

Millie Judge

Millie Judge is an Everett resident who is currently Snohomish County’s Hearing Examiner. She is also an elected fire commissioner for Snohomish County Fire District 1.

Judge received her law degree from Pepperdine University in California in 1990. She has been working in Snohomish County since 1995 when she was hired by the Snohomish County Prosecutor’s Office to work in the Civil Division.

In 2007 Judge started her own solo law practice in Everett, and began serving as a pro tem administrative law judge for several jurisdictions. She also started an environmental consulting firm, working on Chinook salmon recovery projects and the recovery of Puget Sound for state and federal agencies.

Judge says this about her experience as Snohomish County’s Hearing Examiner, “I have the opportunity every day to decide disputes involving our community. I have developed a reputation as a fair, hardworking, independent and common-sense problem solver who is dedicated to the law and public service. My commitment to justice will give every person in our County a court where they will be heard, respected and valued.”

Judge is rated "Well Qualified" by the following organizations: Snohomish County Labor Council, Washington Women Lawyers, Latina/o Bar Association of Washington, and the Joint Asian Bar Association of Washington.


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