Coho salmon delivered to Lively Environmental Center

Coho salmon to be released into Nickel Creek by elementary school students
Coho salmon delivered to Lively Environmental Center

From an Everett Public Schools news release.

In mid-April, the Issaquah Hatchery delivered 10,000 Coho salmon to Lively Environmental Center in a “tank truck.” Boeing Bluebill volunteers and Science Resource Center staff carried the salmon in buckets to the hatchery. The Boeing Bluebills have committed to feeding the salmon and checking the filters daily.

Elementary students going to Lively on field trips in May and June will be releasing approximately 200 salmon per day into Nickel Creek on the Lively property. Observing salmon distribution in the stream is part of the new field study lessons developed to enhance the elementary science program.

Many of these green STEM lessons are supported by grants funded in part by the Puget Sound Partnership and the Pacific Education Institute.

For more information: Mary Waggoner, 425-385-4049


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