Dr. Sally Lancaster to be Assistant Superintendent in July

Dr. Sally Lancaster is leaving her job as Everett High School Principal to become Assistant Superintendent. Photo courtesy of Everett Public Schools.
Dr. Sally Lancaster is leaving her job as Everett High School Principal to become Assistant Superintendent. Photo courtesy of Everett Public Schools.

By Mary Waggoner, Everett Public Schools Director of Communications.

Currently Everett High School Principal, Dr. Lancaster began her career as a teacher and has moved through the ranks to become Assistant Superintendent on July 1st.

As of July 1, 2016, Dr. Sally Lancaster will take her Seagull wings from her Everett High School Principal’s office to her new office at the Community Resource Center when she takes on her new job as Assistant Superintendent.

Dr. Lancaster is replacing Dr. Peter Scott in that position. Dr. Scott is moving to another area of the Community Resource Center in July to be Associate Superintendent of Curriculum, Assessment and Special Programs.

Dr. Tony Byrd now holds that position, but is leaving the district in July to become the Executive Director of Teach For America Washington. 

Dr. Lancaster began work in Everett Public Schools in 1988. Superintendent Gary Cohn said, “She has proven success as a teacher, a teacher-librarian, instructional technology coordinator, assistant principal and principal. She knows schools, school students, school staff and parents from all vantage points. They and we know her as a relationship-builder, an advocate for each student and a lifelong learner, collaborator and catalyst for what works for students.”

Associate Superintendent Dr. Joyce Stewart credited Lancaster with, “working collaboratively with Everett High staff to increase graduation rates and narrow the gap for traditionally underserved students. This includes low-income students, minority students, students with disabilities and English learners. Everett High Staff did this work using personalized approaches to meet the learning needs of each student.”

Dr. Cohn noted, “The number of students taking AP classes at Everett High has increased significantly because Sally and staff emphasized the learning and success benefits of those classes. More students are taking the classes AND the tests, recognizing this as a vital step toward being ready for success in college and careers.”

“Parental involvement at Everett High is stronger and more diverse because Sally and her staff reached out and went out to the community. As all good leaders do, Sally is stepping away from Everett High school, leaving it a better place and making sure it is a solid place for the next Everett High School leader to continue collaborating and improving.”

About her change of location and responsibilities, Dr. Lancaster said, “No matter which district schools I work with in my new role, I will forever be an advocate for students, families and staff of Everett High School AND other students throughout the district.”

“Everett High is a truly wonderful school. It is filled with engaging and engaged students. Staff are committed to each student’s learning. Our strong school community proudly supports its children and its schools. Our community unfailingly embraces our learners and our teachers to make this the incredible school it is today.”

“Everett High is on the rise. Graduation rates are up. Students are making strong academic growth; the achievement gap is narrowing. And this continuous improvement will continue. I am certain staff, students and community will work together to continue this growth mindset, focus on success and our strong upward trajectory.”

The district has begun a process to find a replacement for Dr. Lancaster at Everett High School and to build transition time between now and when she changes roles on July 1st. 


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