East Gateway Urban Village development proposal received

The City of Mill Creek received a proposal for a mixed-use development including 29,000 square feet of commercial capacity in three separate buildings.
Mixed-use development proposal received

The City of Mill Creek announced today that they have received a mixed-use development proposal from Polygon NW for the 18.5-acre Nash property at the east end of the East Gateway Urban Village. Polygon NW proposes to develop 29,000 square feet of commercial capacity in three separate buildings, 104 townhomes/condominiums, and 201 apartments. The proposal also includes installation of a traffic signal at the intersection of 132nd Street SE and 44th Avenue SE, and a public neighborhood park.

Here are the next steps according to the City of Mill Creek’s news release:

  1. The City is currently reviewing the Binding Site Plan application for completeness.
  2. If deemed complete, the City will issue a Notice of Application, which will be published in the newspaper and be posted on the property. Also, once the Notice of Application is issued, the project file will be available for public review at City Hall.
  3. Following the Notice of Application, the City will conduct an environmental review of the project and negotiate a development agreement with the applicant, which establishes responsibilities for the implementation of the project and addresses other issues such as phasing of development. The development agreement is subject to review and approval of the City Council.
  4. Finally, the City’s Hearing Examiner will hold a public hearing on the Binding Site Plan.

This entire review process will take months, but both the City of Mill Creek and the developer are very interested in striking a deal.

The City of Mill Creek’s recently adopted Strategic Plan encourages East Gateway Urban Village development as indicated by the following:

Goal 5, Objective 1 - Encourage development of the East Gateway Urban Village master plan.

“Making progress on developing the EGUV is fundamental to this overall strategy. That project will generate property and sales tax income upon which the City’s fiscal models are based. Failing to adopt development agreements for EGUV projects will delay their development and delay the City’s receipt of needed revenue. The City must take the time it needs, however, to ensure that the proposed development projects meet the community’s other needs. Development quality, provision of local employment and compliance with development standards are also important and should not be sacrificed solely in the quest for expedient development agreement adoption.”

The owners of the Nash property had been working with Target as a potential developer, but those negotiations broke down a few months ago.

In the July 3rd, 2012, City Council meeting Acting City Manager, Tom Gathmann, said that Target is now working with the property owner at the west end of the East Gateway Urban Village to produce a development plan. Gathmann said that a Target store at the west end of the East Gateway Urban Village would work much better than the east end from a land use perspective.


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