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Everett Public Schools earns Boeing STEM grant

Everett Public Schools received a $26,000 Boeing grant as a K-12 STEM district.
Boeing gives Everett Public Schools $26,000 STEM grant

From an Everett Public Schools news release.

“STEM Initiative” provides challenging science, technology, engineering and mathematics learning for students from kindergarten through high school.

Everett Public Schools has embarked on a “STEM Initiative” to provide all students with high quality, challenging science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) instruction from kindergarten to graduation – in essence, to become a STEM school district.

Boeing awarded the Everett Public Schools Foundation $26,000 to help support the work making the STEM initiative possible.

Launching and sustaining a STEM initiative means:

Elementary schools

  • Updating each school’s inquiry-based science program to include the science and engineering practices identified in the national Next Generation Science Standards
  • Integrating science and common core mathematics practices
  • Taking advantage of 21st century skills to increase the rigor students experience in their classes and to make what students are learning and doing in those classes relevant

Middle and high schools

  • Developing STEM career pathways in engineering, technology, health science and biotechnology for students by embedding relevant, science and engineering experiences into classroom experiences
  • Making it possible for students to earn two- and four-year college credit for STEM classes taken in high school

Next year’s kindergartners, the class of 2025, will be the first group of students to exit high school with 13 years of STEM educational experiences on their transcripts.

The just announced Boeing grant awarded in response to a Foundation grant application, will help pay for an in-depth program review of the district’s Career and Technical Education (CTE), science and mathematics programs. The goal of the review is to gather a baseline the district can use to create a three to five year “strategic plan” to transform what are now three separate departments into a unified STEM team.

The review team, which began its work in late October, includes previous school superintendents, career and technical education directors, and representatives from the Washington STEM Center, the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction and Higher Education.

Between now and January 2013, the review team will survey and interview staff, students and community members as well as review documents and budgets. The review team will compile and present their findings to the district superintendent’s cabinet in early 2013 in preparation for work to create the three to five year STEM strategic plan.

In August, the district hosted a STEM symposium – a two-day event involving business leaders, community leaders, parents and staff. Boeing was the main sponsor of that event.

In October, the district board of directors reviewed what was learned from the STEM symposium and discussed the district’s STEM history and potential future. The board STEM presentation is available online.

Please contact the following for more information:

Bob Sotak email, Curriculum and Instruction Director, 425-385-4048
Mary Waggoner email, Director of Communications, 425-385-4040