Ezell's Famous Chicken (Oprah's favorite chicken) has come to Mill Creek

Ezell's Famous Chicken is coming to Mill Creek.
Ezell's Famous Chicken has become a household name in Seattle and throughout the Pacific Northwest with many loyal customers. Photo credit: Ezell's Famous Chicken.

October 21, 2013 update

Ezell's Mill Creek/Bothell is now open for business.

  • 10:30am - 9:00pm Sunday through Thursday
  • 10.30am - 10:00pm Friday and Saturday

September 25, 2013 update

The latest update from Dennis Waldron is that Ezell's opening date has been delayed and he should have more information for us in a few days.

August 25, 2013 update

Dennis Waldron, President/CEO of Delighted Guests Inc. gave us the following update on the opening of Ezell's in Mill Creek:

“We’ve set an opening date of Thursday, September 26.”

“This new Ezell’s Famous Chicken will definitely be serving up 'the county’s most life changing chicken' (Esquire Magazine).”

“This is the chicken for which we’ve been known throughout the region for 30 years. And, of course, we’ll be serving our fresh & homemade side-dishes, desserts and rolls.”

“In addition, this restaurant will feature:

  • Seating for 28 dine-in guests.
  • Quick and easy takeout services.
  • A selection of hand-built chicken sandwiches and salads.
  • And then, we will add drive-thru after we’ve been open a month or two."

Seattle resident Waldron, was formerly chief executive of Cinnabon and grew the Seattle-area startup to 400 locations nationwide. Waldron has now partnered with Ezell's and is looking to expand throughout the region and beyond with a projected franchise growth of six new stores in 2013.

June 21, 2013 update

Ezell's Famous Chicken is hoping to open in Bothell/Mill Creek in August 2013. The restaurant had originally hoped to open in June but it has taken them far longer to obtain the building permit than they had anticipated.

Applications for employment are currently being accepted. The application forms are available in a box at the Bothell Everett Hwy and 180th Street SE location, where there is also a drop-box for completed applications.

The fast-casual restaurant will open without a drive-thru at first with plans to add a drive-thru at a later date.

Original March 03, 2013 article

Ezell's Famous Chicken is coming to Mill Creek. Their newest restaurant will be located at Bothell Everett Highway and 180th Street SE, close to Bartell Drugstore. The targeted date for opening is June 2013.

Founded in 1984 in Seattle’s Central District, Ezell’s Famous Chicken is a family-owned and operated company. Its chain of seven fast-casual restaurants has locations in cities throughout the Greater Puget Sound area.

Named the “most life-changing chicken in America” by Esquire Magazine, July 2012, Ezell's serves fantastic southern-style chicken, along with made-from-scratch side dishes, rolls, and desserts. Their recipes use high quality ingredients and everything is prepared fresh daily.

Oprah Winfrey had Ezell's Famous Chicken flown in for her birthday party in Chicago. Oprah is quoted as saying it's “the best chicken I’ve ever had in my life.”

And Quincy Jones had Ezell's fly the chicken to Switzerland for his jazz festival.

Ezell's Famous Chicken has become a household name in Seattle and throughout the Pacific Northwest with many loyal customers. It currently operates 7 locations throughout the Pacific Northwest, six in the Seattle area and one in Tacoma. The first international franchise is set to open in Dubai this summer.

More about the story of Ezell's Famous Chicken from their website:

The story began when Ezell got out of the Coast Guard in 1978, having come to Seattle from Texas. Shortly thereafter, he called his boyhood friend Lewis, while Lewis was still in the Army. Together they decided that, after Lewis left the service, they'd start a business making chicken like they used to back home in Texas!”

Ezell and Lewis saw their mission as simple:
Provide FRESH high-quality chicken and GOOD homemade side dishes, served with FAST courteous service. In short, Ezell's had to be Fresh, Good and Fast!”

It took Ezell six years of night school and waiting for funding, but finally on February 3, 1984, Ezell and his wife Faye, along with Faye's brothers, Lewis and Darnell Rudd, and Ezell's brother, Sam Stephens, opened the first store in Seattle's Central District at 501-23rd Avenue, across from Garfield High School. Since then they've been living their dream of owning and operating a successful chain of fried chicken restaurants.”

They knew they had a product that the public would love. Their recipes called for using high quality ingredients and preparing everything fresh daily. All they had to do was get them to 'just try it once,' and they would return for more.”



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