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Fatal July 2017 Alderwood Mall Parkway collision investigation completed

Front of Kia Sorrento after crash. Photo courtesy of Snohomish County Sheriff's Office.
Front of Kia Sorrento after crash. Photo courtesy of Snohomish County Sheriff's Office.

From a Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office news release.

Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office investigators determined that driver impairment, speeding, and inexperience contributed to the cause of the tragic accident which took the lives of three Jackson High School students on Alderwood Mall Parkway in July 2017.

They also concluded that the illegally parked trailer which the student's car hit likely contributed to the severity of the resulting collision.

Detectives have completed their investigation into the fatal collision that occurred on July 26, 2017, on Alderwood Mall Parkway, killing three of the juvenile occupants and seriously injuring a fourth.

Following is a redacted excerpt from the lead detective’s narrative:

There are several key factors involved in this collision that resulted in the death of three teenagers.

The most obvious and concerning factor is impairment through drug usage by the driver. A blood sample taken from the driver showed that at the time of the collision he was under the influence of THC and had a level of 6.8 ng/mL. This is significant because the legal limit for persons under twenty-one is 0.00 while persons over twenty-one have a legal limit of 5 ng/mL.

In addition to impairment, the driver was speeding, inexperienced, likely fatigued due to the time of day and in violation of his Intermediate License. This collision occurred within the first six months of the driver receiving his Intermediate License while he was not allowed to have any passengers under twenty years old and/or drive a vehicle between 0100-0500 hours.

Whether the driver fell asleep, was interacting with other passengers in the vehicle, changing radio stations, checking his cell phone or doing something else that caused him to drift off the roadway will never be known.

The factors listed above describe what may have contributed to the cause of the collision while an additional factor to consider relating to the severity of the collision is the parking position of the semi-trailer.

Although the semi-trailer was parked in a legal parking area it was illegally parked facing the wrong direction. Had the semi-trailer been legally parked it is likely the driver’s vehicle would have struck the rear bumper/under-ride guard. Since the trailer was parked facing the wrong direction there was nothing to mitigate or prevent the driver’s vehicle from under-riding the trailer.

Given the estimated speed of the driver’s vehicle it is unknown whether or not the rear bumper would have been able to withstand the impact to prevent an under-ride of the semi-trailer.

A parking infraction has been completed and forwarded to the court for mailing. The parking infraction was issued to Sanjiv Phambota for a violation of RCW 46.61.575 (1) - Additional parking regulations. This RCW describes the manner in which a vehicle is to be parked when parking upon a two-way roadway. The RCW states ‘every vehicle stopped or parked upon a two-way roadway shall be stopped or parked with the right-hand wheels parallel to and within twelve inches of the right-hand curb or as close as practicable to the right edge of the right-hand shoulder.’”

Evidence examined by detectives also demonstrated that speed was another factor contributing to the collision, as it was calculated that the vehicle was traveling 56 MPH just prior to the collision.




What exactly is your point of  publishing an article that is damaging to the character of a dead kid? A kid that is survived by a grieving mother and brother and as a result of this article have to revisit this 6 months to the date of his tragic death.  Your conjecture about the cause of the accident is uncalled for and insensitive. God help you to never have to go through something like this and have your family drug through the mud. I just don’t understand  what was accomplished by bringing attention to this. 

Not News of Mill Creek Conjecture

It was the opinion of the professional police force's official explanation after investigating all of the evidence surrounding events of the accient that killed three people.  An explanation that seemingly was asked for by the general public.  Because you may not like the results of that investigsation is no justifiction for not releasing that report.

There were numerous public remarks made that seemed to place the blame solely upon the semi-tractor trailer parked at the side of the street.  After the police investigation was completed, it became clear that that was probably not close to the primary cause for the accident.  It seems that you had no problem dragging the semi-tractor trailer owner "through the mud".