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'Friends of Lively' are looking for volunteers

Friends of Lively in Mill Creek needs volunteers!
Windermere Real Estate Community Service Day at Lively

This article is being published with the permission of its author Elizabeth Hunter.

Friends of Lively - Lively Environmental Community Garden Project


Nestled in the heart of Mill Creek on Seattle Hill Road are 22 acres donated by John W. Lively to the Everett School District. A beautiful old time hands-on museum, garden beds, and trails welcome students. As well, they have the opportunity to release salmon into the river in springtime.

I visited Lively last year with my daughter on a field trip with her class. Remnants of a time gone by and wonderful memories, little muddy hands, tiny voices, rosy faces, flashed before my eyes. These seventeen garden beds clearly showed time spent gardening and devoted hard work, yet it was sad to see them overgrown and neglected.

The Everett School District’s Director of Science Curriculum and Instruction, Dr. Bob Sotak, welcomed the idea to create a community project with open arms and great enthusiasm.

Friends of Lively has evolved into a ‘full steam ahead’ project, congregating the many talents of the children, parents and residents of Mill Creek. Vegetables are growing and being harvested to supply the recently opened food bank. Designers and horticulturalists are designing and planning themed gardens: rain garden, soup garden, perennial vegetable gardens, to name a few. Our goal is to have a year-round harvestable food source and to facilitate educational opportunities.

Everett School District will be integrating the gardens into its science curriculum. Wouldn’t it be nice if we would grow enough food to supply our schools’ kitchens and offer our kids some healthier lunches?

To the wonderful residents of Mill Creek -- Friends of Lively needs your help! We need volunteers for planting and maintaining the gardens. Everyone is welcome!  No gardening experience required. If you are affiliated with any groups, clubs or organizations, please spread the word!

Donations and future fundraisers fund Friends of Lively.

  • If you would like to contribute supplies or plants from your garden, please contact us at
  • If you would like to make a donation, please make checks payable to Everett School District Foundation, C/O Elizabeth Hunter and Friends of Lively.

There will be a grand opening and a fundraising event soon, so please 'Like’ Friends of Lively on Facebook for up-to-date event notifications. Please email us at for volunteer opportunities.

Thank you to The Rotary Club of Mill Creek for their generous donation and to My Garden Nursery for all the wonderful plants and seeds. Thank you to Windermere Real Estate, Mill Creek Inc. for all your hard work and choosing Lively as your Community Service Project.

Thank you,

Elizabeth Hunter
Windermere Real Estate/Mill Creek Inc.
425 583 9887