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Home sales up in Snohomish County

Michelle Dunlop of the Everett Herald reported March home sales in Snohomish County are up and that there are fewer homes on the market now than in March, 2011.

"The county had 2,617 homes for sale in March, compared to the 4,641 homes that were for sale in the same month a year ago," reported Dunlop. "Home sales were up more than 5 percent last month over the same period a year ago. However, pending sales rose 21 percent in March."

"Home prices, however, still declined in March. The median price declined 3.6 percent last month to $228,500, compared to $237,000 in March 2011," according to Dunlop. "The median price for condos in the county dropped to $115,055, down 31 percent from March 2011 when the median condo price was $166,990. The median price for single-family homes was down just 2 percent to $245,000, compared to $249,900 in March 2011."

The full Everett Herald article can be found here:

County home sales up; fewer houses on market