Host families needed this July to welcome 34 Spanish students

This summer, 34 students from Spain, aged 14-18, will be coming to our community from July 3 – July 29.
Host families waiting to welcome their visitors. Photo credit: EF Educational Homestay Programs.

June 13, 2013 update

Most of the 34 students have found host families, but several still need places to stay. Please consider this opportunity for your family to discover a new culture!

By Christie Goyette, Outreach Coordinator, Educational Homestay Programs.

This summer, 34 students from Spain, aged 14-18, will be coming to our community from July 3 – July 29. They are coming to improve their English, learn about American culture, as well as share their own culture with you! We know our volunteer host families' lives are busy so, hosting with EHP is the perfect balance. By hosting for only 3 ½ weeks, you will be able to get an introduction to another culture, without having to make a long-term commitment.

Open your heart and home to one of our students for a few short weeks this summer; share your America and make a new life-long friend!

Here are the details of our program:

  • 34 kids from Spain (aged 14-18) are coming into this community for approximately 3 ½ weeks this summer, starting July 3rd.

  • We arrange 2 FULL DAY activities each week for the students to explore the region. The rest of the week, they’ll enjoy their time with you! You and your family are welcome to join in on the fun during the week, space permitting!

  • We arrange for convenient bus stops for you to drop the students on the activity days (i.e.: Monroe, Snohomish, Everett, Mill Creek)

  • Students bring their own spending money, have round trip airline tickets, and are fully insured.

  • If you are able to provide a bed (shared room is ok), an extra plate at the table, transportation to and from the EF-arranged bus stop a short drive from your home, and most importantly a stable, caring environment, you have what it takes to share your life with an eager student from abroad.

We teach the students about The Pacific Northwest and American families, but they gain the most moving experiences when they are with their host families. As a host family with EF Educational Homestay Programs, you will get to share in your Spanish student's daily discovery of the U.S. Hear the excitement in her voice when she tells you about her afternoon activity, or see his eyes light up when he tastes his first s’more, or plays his first American baseball game.

During these adventures together, you will break down the barriers of language, culture, and geography and develop a friendship that will last a lifetime. A student discovers the "real" America when you host with EHP.

Your student will have plenty of opportunities to take part in the activities of their EF planned excursions. What will make his or her experience truly unique are the everyday activities: having breakfast with your family, playing board games or having Wii competitions during family nights, walking the dog through your neighborhood after dinner, watching a TV show and sharing that bowl of popcorn with the family, or having a picnic in the park on a Saturday afternoon.

We are still seeking homes for 18 of our students, so we'd be thrilled if you were interested in opening your heart and home to one of our students. Please contact me if you'd like for me to sit down with you and/or your family to answer any questions you might have about the program, as well as to show you some of the student applications to "make a match"!

We pride ourselves in working hard to find a perfect fit for each family and for each student! We want this to be a wonderful experience for everyone, and we really enjoy making a good match!

For more information contact: Christie Goyette at 781-291-9592 or at

EF Educational Homestay Programs is a non-profit division of Education First (EF). Founded in 1965, EF's mission is to break down barriers of language, culture and geography. We have been a non-profit since 1979 and have arranged escorted group travel to the United States for thousands of international students. We bring students from other countries that want to improve their English language skills, make lifelong friendships and travel abroad to learn about the culture of their hosting community.

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