Mill Creek City Council adopts 2013-2019 Capital Facilities Plan

The Mill Creek City Council unanimously adopted the 2013-2019 Capital Facilities Plan after a June 26th public hearing.
2013-2019 Capital Facilities Plan adopted

The Mill Creek City Council unanimously adopted the 2013-2019 Capital Facilities Plan after a June 26th public hearing. All councilmembers were present for the hearing and subsequent vote except Councilmember Mark Bond, who couldn’t attend because of a family commitment.

The 2013-2019 Capital Facilities Plan incudes 31 projects valued at $43 million. This is an increase from the 2011-2017 Capital Facilities Plan, which contains 43 projects valued at $36 million.

The increase in total value is largely attributed to the projects associated with East Gateway Urban Village. The entire East Gateway Urban Village infrastructure cost is included in the 3013-2019 Capital Facilities Plan, even though developers will pay for most of it.

Capital facilities are the infrastructure needed to support growth, such as: roads, bridges, sewers, storm water facilities, public buildings, parks and recreation facilities. A capital facilities plan is an outline of the capital facilities projects, their time schedule, approximate budget, and funding sources.

The Washington State Growth Management Act requires all cities in the most populous counties to prepare and adopt a six-year capital facilities plan in order to maintain each community’s established service levels. The law also requires a public hearing where members of the community can have their comments read into the public record.

The City of Mill Creek has a seven-year capital facilities plan because the city operates on a two-year budgeting and planning cycle. The 2013-2019 Capital Faculties Plan will be still valid in 2014 when the planning and budgeting cycle begins again.

The first two years of the 2013-2019 Capital Facilities Plan are intended to provide the capital expenditure framework for the 2013-2014 biennial budget which will be finalized later this year. If the budgeting process requires changes to the 2013-2014 Capital Facilities Plan, it can be modified at any time by the City Council.

Funding for the capital projects totals comes from a variety of sources: Real Estate Excise Taxes (REET), mitigation fees, non-REET transfers from reserve accounts, grants, developer costs (infrastructure costs paid by developers), bonds, and loans. A total of $44.7 million of potential revenue has been identified to fund the $43 million capital facilities plan.

The list of the 2013 -2019 Capital Facilities Plan projects is as follows:

Transportation Projects - $26.7 million

  • Concrete Replacement Program
  • Citywide Lighting Improvements
  • Traffic Calming Program
  • Pavement Preservation Program
  • 35th Ave SE Roadway Improvements
  • Traffic Signs and Pavement Markings Replacement Program
  • East Gateway Spine Road - Design & ROW
  • East Gateway Spine Road - Construction
  • 132nd St SE at 44th Ave SE Traffic Signal
  • East Gateway Rd at Seattle Hill Rd Intersection
  • Pedestrian Crosswalk Safety Lighting
  • Village Green Dr Sidewalk - 148th St to Cottonwood
  • City-wide sidewalk safety projects

Park Projects - $2.5 million

  • Citywide Park Repairs and Minor Improvements
  • West Pine Meadow Park (picnic tables, benches)
  • Mill Creek Sport Park artificial turf replacement
  • North Pointe Park (Master plan, design, construction)
  • East Gateway Village Neighborhood Park (land & sod)
  • Artificial Turf Fields w/Everett School District
  • Mill Creek Sports Park Tot Lot

Facility Projects – $10.8 million

  • City Bldgs - Minor Equip/Bldg Repair/Replacement
  • Annex Roof Replacement
  • Public Works Maintenance Shop
  • Police Station
  • City Hall Remodel

Surface Water Projects - $3.4 million

  • North Creek Restoration - Wetland Monitoring
  • Minor Repairs/Remedial Construction
  • East Gateway Village Regional Drainage Facilities
  • City Lot #6 Detention Pond Outlet Control Structure
  • 164th St SE East Basin Surface Water Retrofit
  • Lower Mill Creek Rd Basin Surface Water Retrofit



Capital projects not included in CFP

It's interesting to note the following projects didn't get included in the 2013-2019 Capital Facilities Plan.

Transportation Projects

  • Pedestrian Lighting on Village Green Dr at Country Club Dr
  • Pedestrian Overpass on SR 96 at Penny Creek Elementary
  • Relocate Village Green Dr sidewalk - 27th St SE to 28th St SE
  • Sidewalk south side Trillium - Sports Park
  • Bike Lane Signage and Striping

Park Projects

  • Nickel Creek Trail
  • North Pointe Park Restroom Facilities

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