Mill Creek City Manager selection waiting for City staff feedback

The Mill Creek City Council postponed the selection of the new City Manager until at least next week.
Mill Creek City Manager candidates Wierzbicki and Armstrong

November 7, 2012 update

Separate one-on-one meetings between the Mill Creek City Manager finalists and senior City staff have been scheduled for later this week.

According to Acting City Manager Tom Gathmann, “The purpose of these meetings is to provide senior staff, primarily those managers/directors that will be a direct report to the City Manager, some one-on-one time (about 30 minutes) with each candidate to just get to know them better.  There is no script or prepared questions for these sessions. Staff clearly recognizes that the selection of the next City Manager is up to the Council, but staff is also honored that the Council wants to make sure the next City Manager will be a good fit in this organization.  Organizational fit will be an important factor in the overall success of both the City Manager and the efficient operations of the City.”

A special Mill Creek City Council meeting has been scheduled for Monday, November 12th to further discuss the City Manager selection. The Mill Creek City Council will most likely make their decision that evening.

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The Mill Creek City Council conducted in-depth interviews of Chris Wierzbicki and Ken Armstrong, the two candidates for Mill Creek City Manager, in the executive session of a special City Council meeting on Thursday, November 1st. Although the Mill Creek City Council had hoped to be able to make their selection that evening, it became evident that the decision would have to be postponed until at least next week.

According to Mayor Mike Todd, “Staff only had 30 minutes with each candidate in the group interview on Tuesday, so they really didn't get a chance to get very deep into each candidate's capabilities and experience in the broad range of areas that a City Manager will need to lead.”

After Thursday’s executive session, Councilmember Bart Masterson suggested the City Manager candidates come back to the City to meet with each of the department heads and then the department heads could provide feedback to the City Council.

Councilmember Donna Michelson emphasized that next week’s meetings should be a two-way information exchange where the candidates could also get a better understanding of how the City works.

Todd said, "I supported Councilmember Masterson’s suggestion because it was apparent from staff's discussion of the candidates’ qualifications that additional time with each candidate would help staff better evaluate the candidates' fit within the organization."

The Mill Creek City Council agreed to be flexible in scheduling a meeting next week to review the City’s department heads’ feedback on the two candidates. The City Council hopes to select the new Mill Creek City Manager sometime next week.


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