Mill Creek Peoples Bank saves customers from scammer

The Everett Herald reported that Peoples Bank employees in Mill Creek saved a local senior couple from a scammer.

Herald reporter Eric Stevick related that an alert teller and her manager were suspicious when a familiar customer came to the bank to withdraw more than $2,000. As it turns out, a scammer called the couple and pretended to be their Virginia grandson.  The imposter claimed he was injured and in need of money in Peru. The elderly couple was convinced they needed to wire money to their “grandson” by Western Union to help him out of the difficult situation.

The bank manager, Bridget Barrington, helped her customer deal with the situation and prevented the theft. She told the Everett Herald it was the third time her bank had rescued a customer from a loss.

The criminal utilized a common technique called the grandparent scam to gain the Mill Creek couple’s trust. According to the AARP, people over 50 are especially vulnerable and account for over half of all victims.

Last year, Western Union initiated a public education program to help combat this type of crime. They realized their firm was increasingly being used to transfer money from the victim to the scammer.

In this case, all’s well that end’s well thanks to the vigilant Peoples Bank personnel in Mill Creek.

Here is a link to the Everett Herald article;

Bank saves Mill Creek couple from 'grandparent scam'


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