Mill Creek Police Beat: August 3rd to August 9th

Mill Creek K9 Unit. Photo courtesy of Mill Creek Police.
Mill Creek K9 Unit. Photo courtesy of Mill Creek Police.

Mill Creek Police officers make any number of contacts and respond to numerous calls for service every day.

For the week of August 3rd to August 9th, 2016, Mill Creek Police Officers generated or responded to 288 calls.

This week’s police beat contains a brief description of a portion of those calls.

Please click here for more information from the Police Blotter.

8/03/16 at 02:52

  • 12900 Block 19th Ave SE.
  • An officer contacted two subjects sleeping in a vehicle in the 12900 block of 19th Ave SE. One of the occupants had multiple outstanding warrants and was booked into the Snohomish County Jail.

8/03/16 at 08:00

  • 15000 Block Main St.
  • Officers responded to a vehicle prowl in the 15000 block of Main St. An unknown suspect broke the window of a vehicle and stole a purse out of the back seat.

8/03/16 at 09:08

  • 13500 Block North Creek Dr.
  • Officers responded to a physical domestic in the 13500 block of North Creek Dr SE. Upon questioning and investigation of the situation, a 40 year old female was arrested for assault.

8/04/16 at 06:21

  • 13400 Block Dumas Rd.
  • Officers responded to a vehicle theft in the 13400 block of Dumas Road SE. A 21 year old man reported he woke up to go to work and noticed his vehicle was missing. A report was taken and the vehicle was entered as stolen.

8/04/16 at 09:55

  • 15700 Block Main St.
  • A 42 year old woman came to the Police Department to report a suspicious circumstance involving her 15 year old daughter and her 16 year old boyfriend. A report was taken.

8/04/16 at 12:33

  • 3300 Block 132nd St SE.
  • Officers responded to a collision involving a pedestrian and a vehicle in the 3300 block of 132nd St SE. A male was crossing in a cross walk in a parking lot when an approaching vehicle collided with him. The male sustained minor injuries to his head and arm and was transported to the hospital for evaluation.

8/04/16 at 14:08

  • 14400 Block 26th Dr SE.
  • Police took a missing person report in the 14400 block of 26th Dr SE.  A Mill Creek couple reported their 18 year old daughter missing.

8/04/16 at 15:02

  • 16000 Block 33rd Ave SE.
  • Mill Creek officer responded to the report of a cold burglary in the 16000 block of 33rd Ave SE. The victim, a 66 year old Mill Creek resident, reported his Trek bicycle was stolen out of his garage. No suspect information exists at this time.

8/06/16 at 09:18

  • Seattle Hill Road/35th Ave SE.
  • A two car possible injury collision occurred in the intersection of Seattle Hill Road and 35th Ave SE.

8/06/16 at 11:26

  • 2000 Block 140th Pl SE.
  • A 33 year old Mill Creek resident residing in the 2000 block of 140th Pl SE, had her vehicle broken into and subsequently her stolen credit cards were fraudulently used.

8/06/16 at 15:46

  • 1700 Block Seattle Hill Rd.
  • A vehicle was stolen in the middle of the day in the 1700 block of Seattle Hill Road.

8/06/16 at 18:35

  • 13600 Block North Creek Dr.
  • A 1995 Honda that was reported stolen out of Seattle was recovered in the 13600 block of North Creek Dr.

8/06/16 at 19:34

  • 2000 Block 132nd St SE.
  • An officer saw a suspicious vehicle traveling in the 2000 block of 132nd St SE. The driver of the vehicle immediately made a right turn and parked as police were traveling behind it. The driver was located in the bathroom inside a specialty store. The driver, who was a 42 year old male from Marysville, was booked into the Snohomish County Jail on multiple theft warrants.

8/06/16 at 19:57

  • 3300 Block 136th Pl SE.
  • A 54 year old female in the 3300 block of 136th Pl SE reported that her house was vandalized earlier this week.

8/07/16 at 02:54

  • 3300 Block 136th Pl SE.
  • An officer responded to a Malicious Mischief report in the 3300 block of 136th Pl SE. A 54 year old woman from Mill Creek was being harassed and her house was maliciously damaged with food cans, glass, and toys.

8/07/16 at 08:44

  • 16200 Block Bothell Everett Hwy.
  • Officers responded to a report of hit and run in the 16200 block of Bothell-Everett Hwy.  A parked vehicle was damaged while unoccupied.

8/07/16 at 09:13

  • 16300 Block 18th Dr SE.
  • Police responded to an assault report in the 16300 block of 18th Dr SE.  A 62 year old Mill Creek man and a 52 year old Mill Creek woman were involved in a domestic dispute. A report was taken.

8/07/16 at 20:50

  • 3100 Block 116th St SE.
  • An officer spotted a vehicle driving at night without headlights on in the 3100 block of 116th St SE. The driver, a 34 year old woman from Lynnwood was arrested for driving on a Suspended License in the 2nd Degree and for Failure to Obey a Police Officer.

8/07/16 at 22:33

  • 13400 Block Dumas Rd.
  • A 40 year old female reported receiving strange text messages from her ex-husband in the 13400 block of Dumas Rd.

8/08/16 at 09:53

  • 15700 Block Main St.
  • Officers responded to a weapon surrender at the Mill Creek Police Department.  A handgun was received for destruction.  Further investigation is required.

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