Mill Creek Police Beat: October 13th to 19th

Mill Creek Police SUV. Photo credit: Lesley Van Winkle.
Mill Creek Police SUV. Photo credit: Lesley Van Winkle.

Mill Creek Police officers make any number of contacts and respond to numerous calls for service every day. This week’s police beat contains a brief description of a portion of those calls for the week of October 13th to October 19th, 2017. Please click here for more information from the Police Blotter.

October 13, 2017

  • 02:19:31 - TRILLIUM BLVD SE / BOTHELL EVERETT HWY: An officer performed a warrant arrest in the 13900 block of SR 527.
  • 11:44:59 - 3500 BLK 148TH ST SE: PSO took custody of two stray dogs, which were found in the 3500 block of 148th St. SE.
  • 12:47:00 - 15900 BLK MILL CREEK BLVD: A Mill Creek officer responded to a reported vehicle theft in the 15900 block of Mill Creek Blvd. The vehicle was recovered later the same day.
  • 13:29:37 - 16300 BLK BOTHELL EVERETT HWY: Mill Creek officers responded to assist a fire response in the 16300 block of Bothell-Everett Hwy. The event is under investigation as an arson.
  • 17:52:05 - 2700 BLK 161ST PL SE: A Mill Creek resident had his identity stolen and it was used to purchase two cellphones.
  • 22:01:43 - 800 BLK 164TH ST SE: A vehicle fled away from a patrol vehicle. The vehicle was located later on in the 800 block of 164th St SE. A stolen license plate was recovered.

October 14, 2017

  • 09:56:20 - 15600 BLK MAIN ST: Police responded to a business in the 15600 block of Main Street for a theft report involving a former employee.
  • 13:39:59 - 16300 BLK BOTHELL EVERETT HWY: Police responded to assist Aid personnel for a person who was asleep at the wheel of his parked car near the 16300 block of Bothell-Everett Highway. An investigation was done and the man was booked in the Snohomish County Jail on drug charges.
  • 23:19:11 - 3900 BLK 132ND ST SE: A man fell off his bicycle while riding in the 3900 block of 132nd St SE. He was transported by the medics for his injuries.

October 15, 2017

  • 21:39:34 - 13100 BLK 19TH AVE SE: During patrol efforts in the 13100 block of 19th Ave SE, Officers conducted a check on a suspicious vehicle that returned as stolen. The vehicle's occupant was booked on a warrant and stolen property charge at the Snohomish Co. Jail.
  • 02:41:05 - 16300 BLK 34TH DR SE: A 70 year old Mill Creek resident passed away of natural causes in the 16300 block of 34th Dr SE.

October 16, 2017

  • 10:43:25 - 13500 BLK NORTH CREEK DR: While on routine patrol an officer located and recovered a stolen vehicle out of Marysville in the 13500 block of North Creek DR. The vehicle was returned to the owner.
  • 11:14:23 - 15800 BLK 23RD LN SE: Officers responded to an identity theft in the 15800 block of 23 Ln. SE. A Mill Creek man's personal information was used to open new credit accounts.

October 17, 2017

  • 03:27:00 - 1900 BLK 127TH PL SE: A Seattle resident was stopped for a traffic violation at the 1900 block of 127th Pl. SE. The driver provided a fake name. A check of his real name showed he had a warrant. He was booked into the Snohomish Co. Jail.
  • 04:05:09 - 13500 BLK NORTH CREEK DR: Police responded to a vehicle prowl in progress at an apartment complex in the 13500 block of North Creek Dr. Upon investigation, three victim vehicles were located. A report was taken.
  • 14:34:41 - 2000 BLK 132ND ST SE: Officers responded to a shoplift report at business in the 2000 block of 132nd ST SE. A woman was cited for theft and released.
  • 16:14:38 - 15000 BLK MAIN ST: Officers responded to a hit and run that occurred in the 15000 block of Main ST. There is no suspect information available.
  • 18:31:36 - 4300 BLK 135TH PL SE: Officers took a threat report in which a female was being threatened by a male and a female over social media. The investigation is ongoing.
  • 20:19:00 - 15000 BLK MAIN ST: Officers took a report of a hit and run that occurred in the 15100 block of Main Street. A light pole was damaged and offending vehicle fled the scene.
  • 11:16:59 - 13400 BLK DUMAS RD: Officers arrested a Lynnwood woman on multiple warrant offenses.

October 18, 2017

  • 20:49:43 - 13200 BLK 10TH DR SE: Officers responded to the report of an assault in the 13200 block of 10th Drive SE.

October 19, 2017

  • 00:44:06 - 900 BLK 164TH ST SE: A local business in the 900 block of 164th St SE reported a theft of groceries. The suspect fled the scene before law enforcement arrived.
  • 08:24:42 - 16400 BLK BOTHELL EVERETT HWY: Police responded to the 16400 block of Bothell-Everett Highway for a road rage incident after a Bothell man reported that another driver had pointed a gun at him. The incident is under investigation.
  • 20:45:28 - 16300 BLK BOTHELL EVERETT HWY: Officers responded to a malicious mischief report in the 16300 block of Bothell Everett Highway. A white male exited his vehicle and flung himself on top of another vehicle breaking its windshield. A suspect has been identified and the case is under investigation.

Click on this link to see the October 13th to October 19th, 2017, Mill Creek Police Blotter.


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