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Mill Creek Police thank well wishers for gestures of support

Lynnwood Mom's Club children express their appreciation for the Mill Creek Police Department. Photo courtesy of the City of Mill Creek.
Lynnwood Mom's Club children express their appreciation for Mill Creek Police Department officers. Photo courtesy of the City of Mill Creek.

By Mill Creek Police Officer Marc Schuermeyer.

The Mill Creek Police Department got a surprise unlike any they have received in recent memory on Monday afternoon, July 11, 2016. 

The Lynnwood Moms’ Club stopped by with about a dozen of their kids and a big “Thank You” banner to let the Mill Creek Police Department know that they appreciate the work the officers do.

Many of the kids live in and around Mill Creek and shared their own stories with the officers about family members who are officers and their interest in becoming officers themselves.

Mill Creel Police Department officers provided an impromptu tour of the police department and the police cars and were wrought with emotion as they interacted with the kids.

“The excitement and enthusiasm of the kids was awesome! This visit brightened the whole building!” Sergeant Stan White remarked.

“This is the reason we do what we do.  Nothing can compare to the reward that comes from this kind of surprise!” Chief Greg Elwin said. 

The Moms’ group sat down with their kid’s Monday afternoon to talk about what they wanted to do for the day; this was the answer. 

“During times like these, when the divisiveness between the community and the police department is so widely publicized, it is so rewarding to experience this kind of connection, especially with our children,” Chief Elwin added.

The Mill Creek Police Department wishes to extend their thanks to the moms and kids of the Lynnwood Moms’ Club as well as the numerous well-wishers who have stopped by. 

One heartfelt card from a well-wishing youngster indicated that their one wish is “to be like you and meet One Direction.”

“We’re in good company…and all deeply moved by the outpouring of support and hope that the healing around the country can begin. Thank you Mill Creek and the surrounding community,” said Chief Elwin.