Mill Creek Women's Club members get an "Antiques Roadshow" education

Members and guests of the Mill Creek Women's Club enjoyed a fun “Antiques Roadshow” experience at the February 20th, 2013 luncheon.
Tables loaded with antique treasures waiting to be appraised at the Mill Creek Women's Club "Antiques Roadshow" luncheon.

Members and guests of the Mill Creek Women's Club enjoyed a fun “Antiques Roadshow” experience at the February 20th, 2013 luncheon. Edmonds antiques appraiser Mike Odell was the guest speaker, and members were invited to bring along their family heirlooms and collectibles for appraisal.

Odell was born in the East End of London, England. He got into the antiques business at an early age by helping his father with his stall in the famously salt-of-the-earth Petticoat Lane Market in London's East End.

Odell lived and worked in Australia and Canada before settling in the Seattle area in 1976. He is junior partner in Edmonds Mercantile & Auction, specializing in antiques, collectibles, estate sales, appraisals and online auction. He is also a member of the International Society of Appraisers, National Auctioneers Association, Oregon Auctioneers Association and the Auctioneers Association of Canada.

Odell also works with banks, law offices and government agencies to appraise and sell equipment of all kinds. He works with several international auction companies as a consultant and appraiser to liquidate large companies in the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia.

Odell entertained members and guests of the Mill Creek Women's Club with his many stories of growing up and working in London and his fascinating career in the antiques business. Odell told the group that during his career he has sold everything from a Russian Spacecraft to the facade of a building. He even bought $500 worth of seats from the old Kingdome for $5 each and sold them on Ebay for $350 each.

I found out that the Clarice Cliff teapot my grandmother left me is worth about $200 in today's market, not bad considering it is not in great condition.

A few things I learned:

  • Silver Plate is not worth much.

  • Tin toys are a hot item.

  • First print Harry Potter books are selling for $7,000.

  • Ivory is selling well, a good piece is worth $200 - $300.

  • Silver purses are selling well.

  • Colored glass is selling well but not plain glass or crystal.

  • Blue and white china is still very collectible.

  • Anything mechanical sells really well.

  • Old boxes sell well.

  • Anything sports sells well.

  • Finding the best place, city, country to sell an item is key to getting the best price.

  • is a good place to sell china.

  • Young people today are buying items from the 1950's and 1960's.

  • Everything is collectible to someone (even vacuum cleaners!)

Odell believes downsizing collections can be very depressing, “One of the saddest things about being an appraiser is meeting clients who have been collecting for decades, and now that it's time to downsize and pass along their legacy, they often discover that their prize collection holds no interest for the next generation."

"In many cases they must also face the disappointment of learning that the treasures of a lifetime have shrunk in value to a pittance of their original cost, Many collectibles have gone out of style over the years, but the children of the collectors may not realize that popularity usually recycles and what is out now may come back into vogue in the future.”

The Mill Creek Women's Club is a social and philanthropic organization made up of women from the greater Mill Creek, Washington area.

Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month, September through May at the Mill Creek Country Club at 10:30 am.

Mill Creek Women's Club has been active and growing since 1983 with fun social activities, engaging programs at a monthly luncheon and rewarding philanthropic endeavors focusing on the YWCA Pathways for Women.

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