News of Mill Creek welcomes new sponsor, Andrea McLaughlin of Llovera Holistic

Andrea McLaughlin, Holistic Health Coach. Image courtesy of Llovera Holistic.
Andrea McLaughlin, Holistic Health Coach. Image courtesy of Llovera Holistic.

We are proud to welcome Andrea McLaughlin, Holistic Health Coach of Llovera Holistic, as our latest News of Mill Creek sponsor.

Andrea is a Holistic Health Coach with a passion for helping people heal with food and nutrition.

With three years of Traditional Naturopathic Training, herbal studies and Reiki certification, Andrea uses these tools holistically as a way to help her clients heal from the inside out. She believes that nutrition is the basis for healing the body, mind and spirit, and that true healing begins with deep nutrition.

In a holistic health coaching session, Andrea can help you uncover how food may be contributing to your health challenges, and what you can do to create a healthier, more vibrant YOU through nutrition. She makes healing with food realistic, simple and fun.

Andrea is kind and compassionate, and always strives to help her clients feel as comfortable as possible in her presence. She encourages honesty, and welcomes all who need support and guidance no matter where you are on your health journey.

As a coach Andrea’s number one priority is to educate and empower her clients. Health is a journey, and she will work with you co-creatively to come up with a specialized nutrition plan to meet your individual needs.

Andrea has experienced healing her own body with food for over a decade, and the deepest healing began in 2009 as she overcame her second health crisis. This health crisis led her to her passion of helping others heal holistically.

Andrea has been helping others with nutrition since 2013. She is currently expanding her expertise by working toward her Iridology certification, as well as studying the detoxification principles of the human body in her spare time.

Learn how to make nutrition fun, simple and delicious. Photo courtesy of Llovera Holistic.

For more information, visit her website at:

To schedule an appointment, contact:, or call 248-763-2220.

New Client Special:

  • 30-minute nutrition coaching session for $20
    *New Clients only.

Office located at:

Yoga in the Center,
15117 Main St. Suite 207,
Mill Creek, WA 98012

Culinary herbs are a great way to enhance the healing process. Pictured here: fresh rosemary. Image courtesy of Llovera Holistic.


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