NJROTC Cadets from Everett, Cascade, and Jackson High Schools recognized by Area Commander

NJROTC Color Guard at Everett High School. Photo courtesy of Everett School District.
NJROTC Color Guard at Everett High School. Photo courtesy of Everett School District.

From an Everett Public Schools News Release.

As part of the overall “Pass in Review,” Captain Daniel Wenceslao, USN (ret.) individually inspected 28 Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (NJROTC) cadets for their uniforms, grooming and command of Naval Science knowledge and methods.

Capt. Wenceslao also audited the unit’s inventory records, training records and supplies. The team earned a “Bravo Zulu” pennant for overall performance at the inspection (Bravo Zulu is military code for “well done” and given only to NJROTC units that truly stand out).

Fifteen cadets earned a perfect score of “10” and earned a special award ribbon to wear on their uniforms for their outstanding performance.

A retired Navy Captain and now a district STEM facilitator, Andy Sevald, explained, “In this inspection, not only do uniforms need to be cleaned and pressed, belt buckles and shoes shined to a mirror image, but every aspect of military dress must be compliant to regulation – from length of hair to the placement of rank insignia. And yes, in case you were wondering, rulers are used.”

Students shared their NJROTC experiences in the days following the review. “NJROTC is another family for me. We help each other, but then we also hold each other accountable,” shared Henry M. Jackson High sophomore Makale Petermeyer, C/PO1.

I really look forward to this class. It has taught me not only how to lead but also how to follow; both are needed in any successful organization,” reported Cascade High junior Quang Nguyen, C/SCPO.

Henrik Kiaer, a senior and C/LT at Everett High, shared, “When I first saw a high school student wearing a cadet uniform, I thought to myself, ‘what a cool sailor outfit.’ Today as a fourth-year cadet, I have come to realize how much I have grown as both a leader and a citizen. I realize now that it’s more than a uniform; it’s being worthy to wear it.

Everett High School Principal Lance Balla beamed about the unit’s performance, “I cannot adequately express the pride I felt for our school and our cadets after seeing the ‘Pass in Review.’ I am honored to have been a small part of the event, and want to thank Commander Gile and Senior Chief Arbogast for their leadership and mentorship of our fine cadets. A true inspiration!”

The NJROTC program was created in 1964 to promote character, self-reliance, citizenship, self-discipline and leadership in secondary school students.

NJROTC is not a pipeline or a recruiting instrument for the armed forces (it’s charter strictly prohibits such activity), but rather as a means to promote and foster habits of mind using the methods of naval leadership development.


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