North Creek still contaminated by April 12th sewage spill

According to Marci Chew, City of Mill Creek's Surface Water spokesperson, North Creek'sĀ fecal coliform levels are still above normal for this time of year due to the City of Everett's sewage spill on April 12th. "The fecal levels in the stream were going down but we want to make sure the counts are at our normal levels during this time of year," Chew said. "People should still not have contact with the creek water until the Snohomish Health District advises that it is okay."

On April 12th a 20-inch iron sewer pipe broke near the 11800 block of Silver Way in Everett and spilled raw sewage into North Creek. City of Everett maintenance crews used heavy equipment to divert as much of the sewage flow as possible and sandbagged the area to keep as much sewage as possible out of North Creek. Everett's maintenance crews were able to fix the sewage line by 7:00 AM the next day.

At the time of the spill the City of Everett sent a MyState reverse 911 notification to about 3,450 phones within the North Creek and Lake Washington area to advise people of the situation and to avoid contact with the North Creek stream water. The City also put notification signs at various points along North Creek including locations within the City of Mill Creek.

The City of Everett will continue to monitor North Creek water on a daily basis until the levels of fecal coliform return to normal levels.


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