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Pro and Con Committees for the Everett SD's Levies for the 2/8/22 Election

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The Everett SD will have 2 levies on the ballot.

At the 11/30/21 Everett SD board meeting, the school board members approved the pro and con committees to write the pro and con statements (and the respective rebuttals) for the 2 school district measures for the February 8th 2022 election. These will be published in the voters' pamphlet that voters will receive in their regular mail in mid January. This info was buried in the consent agenda so most citizens missed it.

If you have ideas for either side, feel free to reach out and share your thoughts.

Thank you.

Jeff Heckathorn

Here are the committee members:

Levies: 2022 EPO Levy, 2022 Capital Levy

Pro Committee Members
Jennifer Black, Chair
Jared Kink
Rich White

Con Committee Members
Jeff Heckathorn, Chair
Janelle Burke
Jeannie Magdua