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Silver Lake Elementary School celebrates inaugural STEAM Night

Students and parents experimented with balance in the Chicken Balance Game. Photo courtesy of Everett Public Schools.
Students and parents experimented with balance in the Chicken Balance Game. Photo courtesy of Everett Public Schools.

From an Everett Public Schools News Release.

Event promotes innovation and family involvement.

Event organizers thought a STEAM Night (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) would be a good way to merge student learning in STEM and join with community members like Imagine Children’s Museum to enhance student learning.

Almost 150 students and their families attended the event and enjoyed an evening of math games, robotics, creating art and seeing displayed artwork.

The Silver Lake PTA funded the event and created a STEAM resource packet filled with grade-appropriate math tools and a math game with dice and game pieces, for every student, including those students who did not attend the event.

Parents learned more about the Common Core State Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards.

It’s really nice to learn fun ways to help my child with math at home,” shared a first-grade parent.

After math games, students were enthusiastic to head over to the robotics club interactive display. Students had a chance to program a robot’s motion using computer code.

To say the robotics club station created interest would be an understatement,” observed STEM district facilitator Andy Sevald.

It was difficult to get past as would-be programmers spilled out into the hallway waiting their chance to show their stuff.”

I can’t wait until I am old enough to get to do robotics club. It looks so cool!” declared a second-grade student.

Laughter and learning filled the Imagine Children’s Museum learning center room. Families created shapes and patterns with their bodies in the “Mission Possible of Impossible” game. Players learned more about math in the “Fraction Action Bingo” game and jars of small objects challenged players in the “Guess-timation Estimation” game.

Students could complete four different art activities including a mosaic, charcoal drawing, chalk drawing, and a still life drawing using oil pastels. There was lots of second-grade art displayed courtesy of a grant from Everett Public Schools Foundation.

It was fun to watch parents interact with their children as they learned through hands-on activities that stretched their thinking,” observed first-grade teacher Cassandra White.

Elizabeth Nunes, Silver Lake Elementary Principal shared, “We are so proud of our school and this first STEAM event. We especially appreciate the inclusion of the arts in our school. Creativity is one of the 21st Century Skills and an integral component to comprehensive education. We value our strategic partners in Everett and look forward to further collaboration with them as we prepare our students for their bright future. Kudos to Silver Lake Math Specialist Taryn Lofgren for organizing and facilitating this event, to our PTA for sponsoring, and to the many Silver Lake staff members for their participation and support.”