Six Mill Creek USTA teams in local playoffs

six Mill Creek Tennis Club United States Tennis Association (USTA) teams advance to local playoffs
Mill Creek teams advance to local playoffs

The Mill Creek Tennis Club has six out of eleven adult United States Tennis Association (USTA) teams heading to local playoffs this weekend. Roger and Byron Mark took over operation of the Mill Creek Tennis Club in 2009, and the club’s USTA program has improved ever since.

Roger Mark has coached many adult USTA teams and has sent multiple teams to the national tournament that ends each season. Each year Mark coaches up to ten USTA teams, seeing over 150 players. In 2008, his teams captured national titles at the Men's 4.0 and Women's 3.0 levels. In 2011 his teams continued their national success, winning the 4.0 Men's Championship, the 8.0 Mixed Doubles Championship, and placing third in the 7.0 Mixed Doubles Championship tournament.

Winners from this week’s playoff tournament advance to the USTA Pacific Northwest Sectional tournament in Portland.

Here are the Mill Creek Teams in the local playoffs this weekend:

  • Women’s 2.5 Team "MC Slammers" 7-1 season record: Captain Cynthia Wyer, Stephanie Quam, Jinhee Moon, Shannon Corbit, Lisa Kerslake, Ann Waltier, Liliana Uribe, Sara Bouwman, Christine Marie Davis, Rebecca Mark, Ulla Becker and Kari Hamilton.
  • Women’s 3.0 Team: "Slice Girls"  8-0 season record:  Captain Lynn Casey, Co-Captain Cindy Song, Fran French, Bridget Parsons, Veronica Durham, Jennifer Box, Tia Lee, Anna Antonova, Anne Stella Luong, Jane Rozina and  Archana Kumar.
  • Women’s 3.5 Team:  "Breakers” 9-0 season record:  Captain Lacey O'Connell, Co-Captain Kim Abson, Kristi Magee, Michelle Nguyen, Kim Martin, Carrie Weis, Sharon Chastain, Magui Garcia,  Akiko Kusano, Jessica Young, Irena Urbas, Kathy McCann, Danna Baer, Kelly Sun, Nancy Fletcher,  and Jennifer Harris.
  • Men’s 3.5 Team: "MCTC Hitmen"  8-0 season record:  Captain Chris Ahearn, Co-Captain Don Stein,  Anuj Bahl, Matt Moon, Badri Vengalathur, Ty Martin, Nuno Dinis, Matt Nuereur, Zach Zygar,   Andy Barritt, Dorian Sidhu, Anuj Bahl, Chris Hoopes, Marc Georgeidis, Chien Chang, Miguel Gill,  and Pete Lindburg. 
  • Men’s 4.0 Team: "Angry Dragons" 7-2 season record:  Captain Nelson Asaba, Co-Captain James Kim, Chris Cassaza, Cipp Tais, Ross Cook, Jason Webb, Matthew Jin, Johnny Chang, Brandon Lucero, Ken Wong, Ryan Ebisu, Herbee Chadwick, Kelly Fulcher, and Dennis Hanson.
  • Men’s 4.5 Team:  "MCTC 4.5"  8-0 season record: Captain Kyle Stalker, Co-Captain Roger Mark, Alex Mathers, Jason Bower, Ted Kim, Patrick Boorkman, Albert Lu, Justin Tran, David Han, Todd Conley,  Jon Canell, Sean McBeath,  Holden Au, Ryan Johnson, Marco Del Rosairo, and Dylon Cohon.


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