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Ten Reasons

Ten reasons to advertise with News of Mill Creek:

  • Affordability: We are extremely affordable. We charge a fraction of what you will pay to advertise in local newspapers or magazines.
  • We're online: The trend is for people to get their media online. Newspaper/magazine ads get seen maybe once before they are tossed in the recycling. We update our content seven days a week and residents know where to look for the latest information on what's happening in Mill Creek.
  • We can link to your website: Your online ad will be linked directly to your website or Facebook page or to a special offer or coupon you may be offering. This is a big advantage over print advertising.
  • Flexibility: We are very flexible and offer ads of all sizes. We encourage you to change your ad periodically and give it a fresh look or change the content.
  • Design: We can help you design and create the right ad for your business.
  • Hyper-local content: Our main focus is on hyper-local news and events specifically for Mill Creek and your target audience.
  • Visibility: Ads on our website are visible at the top, side, and/or bottom of every page. We place rotating ads at the end of each article.
  • We're local: We are a husband and wife team who has lived in Mill Creek for over 20 years. Our kids grew up here and went to the local schools. We are not a media chain who is not really interested in the neighborhood. We love Mill Creek and we're interested in what's going on here. We love being part of a community that supports and genuinely cares about our City and its residents.
  • People like us: Readers tell us they love the local news, events and updates we provide. We attract the best and brightest readers, contributors and advertisers. You can feel proud to advertise with us.
  • We love what we do: We're here to stay and our readership is steadily growing. We're dedicated to making News of Mill Creek the number one place for local news and events.

To find out more about advertising on our website, contact Richard Van Winkle at 425-338-9118 or through our “contact us” form.

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