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Three Jackson High School students earn perfect AP exam scores

Jackson High School students Anuj Vimawala's, Seo-Yun Chon's and Sam Wang's perfect scores on their AP research exam earned them college credit and “A” grades in the corresponding college courses.
Anuj Vimawala (top), Seo-Yun Chon (middle), and Sam Wang. Photos courtesy of Everett Public Schools.

From an Everett Public Schools News Release.

Jackson High students, Anuj Vimawala, Seo-Yun Chon and Sam Wang, score in top 1.115% in world who took the 2018 AP research exam.

When Sam opened the envelope from The College Board who administers the Advanced Placement Exams, he was hoping for good news. He and fellow Advanced Placement (AP) students had recently submitted research papers that would hopefully earn them a high enough score for college credit.

The letter from The College Board Senior Vice President of AP and Instruction, Trevor Packer, informed Wang he had scored a perfect score on his AP research exam titled “The Effect of Minimum Wage on Unemployment and the Automation Interaction Effect.”

Wang’s honor was shared with classmate Seo-yun Chon, who also scored every point possible on her AP research exam and received an identical letter in the mail. Chon is also a Jackson High senior. Her research paper was titled “Entomophagy: How Consumer Disgust and Cultural Factors Relate to Negative Food Attitudes in Western Society.”

If that weren’t impressive enough, fellow classmate Anuj Vimawala also earned a perfect score on his AP research exam titled “A Stressful Situation: Easing Psychological Stress Experienced by Elite Junior Tennis Players.”

Perfect scores earned them college credit and “A” grades in the corresponding college courses. They also earned a place in a very special category – that of only 111 students in the world, or 1.115 percent of total 10,216 students who took the AP research exam in 2018, that got perfect scores.

All three students took AP Research from Jackson High School teacher Kevin Kukla last year.

"Offering AP courses gives students the experience of a college course and essential skills that prepare them for college, particularly the first two years when students are taking multiple general education classes at an accelerated rate,” Kukla shared.

He went on to say, “AP Research offers students a unique experience in that they choose their research interest and produce their own research. This is the kind of research that college students typically do their junior and senior year when they are taking major specific courses and are asked to produce original research."

Wang sent Kukla a photo of his letter, adding, “You are probably the only teacher with more than one student with a perfect score, so you are clearly doing a really good job! Thank you so much for all your help and guidance! I wouldn't have been able to do it without a teacher of your caliber.”

Each comprehensive high school in Everett Public Schools has an AP Capstone program. The program started with 55 Jackson High School students 2015-16. Cascade and Everett high schools added the program the following school year. Between the three high schools, 352 students are now enrolled in the program.

Want to see what a perfect-score AP research exam looks like?

Seo-Yun Chon's research exam.

Sam Wang's research exam.

Anuj Vimawala's research exam.

Editor's note: This article was updated on April 9, 2019, to add Anuj Vimawala's accomplishment. He was inadvertently left out of the original Everett Public Schools news release.