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Wasabi Bay - An Asian fusion restaurant

Wasabi Bay - An Asian fusion restaurant
Wasabi Bay - An Asian fusion restaurant

In the four years since Kyung Oh became head chef at Wasabi Bay in Mill Creek he has strived to put his personal touch on the menu, “Sushi can be just raw fish, but I want to put my ideas in the food.” Oh refers to his creations as Asian fusion because they combine Japanese, Korean, French, and Chinese recipes.

For example, traditional Tuna Poki salad uses soy sauce and sesame oil to flavor the raw tuna. Oh adds Balsamic vinegar and ground-pineapple to give it a unique taste.

Wasabi Bay focuses on fresh ingredients, personal service, and unique presentations. Most of Oh’s customers have been eating at Wasabi Bay for quite a few years. He takes pride in knowing each of his regular customers’ likes and dislikes, “I make each dish with a very unique style to suit each customer’s taste. At school I studied western food. I combine all different cuisines. It’s not necessarily Japanese in the traditional way.”

Oh’s special touch is exemplified with his unique Makimono sushi rolls. The Margarete Roll is named after his regular customer for whom he first created it. “She liked the Spicy Tuna Roll but wanted it to be even spicier,” said Oh. “So I made a spicy mayonnaise with Korean chili paste, added fried green onions and avocado, then topped it off with salmon and Tobiko (flying fish roe). It has become a very popular roll.”

Any of Wasabi Bay’s Makimono sushi rolls can be combined to make one of Oh’s Long-Plate combination sushi rolls. “No one else has it,” said Oh. A Long-Plate sushi roll is made from three, four, or five different rolls served together on one long wooden plate. In this way, each person at the table can sample the different rolls.

Another example of Oh’s Asian Fusion cuisine is his King Crab Soup. He starts with a traditional Japanese fish stock to which he adds Thai chili paste to make it spicy and butter to make it taste rich for the American palate. The big pieces of cracked King Crab are steam cooked before being added to the soup. A very tasty dish indeed!

Wasabi Bay
16300 Mill Creek Boulevard
Mill Creek, WA 98012