A heartwarming true story of giving and kindness in Mill Creek

Looking for coloring books at the Mill Creek University Bookstore. Photo credit: Jessica Perez.

I work in a decent sized, local, indie bookstore. It’s a great job 99% of the time and a lot of our customers are pretty neat people.

Any how, middle of the day this little old lady comes up. She’s lovably kooky. She effuses how much she loves the store and how she wishes she could spend more time in it but her husband is waiting in the car, “OH! I BETTER BUY HIM SOME CHOCOLATE!”

Reflections School of Dance celebrates 20 Years in Mill Creek

Come visit and enjoy some special treats at the Reflections School of Dance registration open house on Saturday, August 27th. Image courtesy of Reflections School of Dance.

A local dance school, Reflections School of Dance, will be celebrating its 20 Year Anniversary this year and they couldn’t be more excited!

In the summer of 1997, when Debbie Wiens was pushing a stroller with baby in tow through the Gold Creek, Silver Firs, and Mill Creek neighborhoods to hand deliver 3500 flyers to potential customers, her mind did not fathom what life would be like 20 years in the future. She certainly did not picture the thriving well-oiled machine that it is today.

Left Coast / Right Coast: The Internet of Things (hold on, rough ride ahead!)

Mike Gold is a retired entrepreneur "living the dream in the Pacific Northwest. Photo credit: Nancy Gold.

Serial entrepreneur Mike Gold's newest venture is looking at, among other things, the next generation of the Internet. Many call it, for lack of a better term, The Internet of Things. Most simply stated, everything around us with which we interact, will – according to experts, have an IP address.